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Topic For Research Paper


^ Self explanatory. I need a topic for a 6-8 page research paper. The class is Media & Pop Culture. So far we have learned about music. Specifically black music and it's roots. Anyone have any suggestions for a paper? I'm just lost. I'm thinking along the lines of overtones of drugs use and their effects on pop culture (showbiz in specific, music more specifically). I need to narrow it down though.


I'm currently taking Black Theater and I just finished writing my 6-8 page paper so I feel your pain. Glad that shit's over with, and it's my last college paper EVER! Got a B+ which is good enough for the hookers I roll with.

Maybe you could do it on the early roots of Minstrelcy or Black Vaudeville. That's considered theater but it contained a ton of musicals too. Maybe narrow it down to a specific "pioneer" artist such as Bert Williams or another important figure.

Anyway, good luck.