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Topic For 15 Minute Presentation?


Hey, I gotta give a 15 minute presentation to my fitness class about something fitness related. Since we are fitness students, we already know basic stuff.
I wanna use something from T-Nation. Does anyone know any good topics which would be good for a 15 minute presentation?


Steroids. Start some discussion up in that bitch.




squats and milk?




The fact that, for the life of you, you simply cannot find jeans which accommodate your enormous quads.


Running shoe


Jerking off: help or hinder?


LOL r2d2


Dalek. Don't make me exterminate your ass for getting it wrong and don't let it happen again ;D.


Honestly, I think that would be a great topic. Assuming, of course, you're well knowledged in that area.
I doubt anybody in a fitness class will ever hear a logical argument in favor of steroids ever again.


And if you don't know anything about steroids, this movie will at least give you some talking points: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1151309/

Also, it's a very interesting movie if you don't choose steroids as your topic.


Why women shouldn't vote


Here's a few:
1. Does jerking off right before lifting help or hinder your testosterone synthesis?
2. Decca vs. Winstrol

a couple more serious ones:

  1. lifting explosively for strength gains vs. lifting for gains through hypertrophy
  2. how to lift through an injury