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Topher Grace as Venom??


Just read in the paper today that Topher Grace is supposedly playing Venom in the upcoming Spider Man 3 movie...I'm stunned...if that is so that might just be the single worst choice for a super hero or villain in the history of the entire film industry. I grew up reading spider man and Eddie Brock who becomes Venom was huge compared to Peter Parker and Spider man.

All I can say is that I really hope it's a misprint...Topher Grace??? WTF???



haha that's gotta be a joke.


Well he is going to be venom so he's gonna be in a suit anyways. Secondly, in many comics Eddie Brock wasn't that big at all, depends on what you read. Yea, he's still a silly choice for a super villain. Eddie Brock is supposed to be an ex-con, topher looks like a choir boy. Hell, his name is topher.


He would be a good Carnage because he is a scrawny weasel.


It's not. What is ajoke is Hollywood. I have lowered expectations for every movie like that coming out soon. I also think Superman will suck but I am willing to give the director (Bryan Singer) the benefit of the doubt simply because I like what he has done before.


Is this him?

What the hell.. He's skinnier than Toby..


No, apparently it's true.

This makes me sick. I'm sick of these hollywood movies shoving this metro crap down my throat. No way should a skinny dude be playing the role of a huge guy. I mean, how hard would it be to shove a huge guy in a black suit, not like venom has superb dialong to deliver anyways


Topher Grace = Eric from the 70's show.

yes, much scrawnier than our current Spiderman.

Whats next Orlando Bloom as Apocalypse?


Everything about Topher Grace makes me think of a scrawny weenie.

Maybe they have someone else playing Venom, and Topher is playing Eddie Brock?


As far as I'm concerned, Topher Grace should have put on some muscle and been Spiderman to begin with. Tobey is a homo, and everything about Spiderman is just ridiculous with his voice coming from behind the mask. Spiderman is supposed to be a smart ass, and Topher Grace could pull it off if he didn't look like a little girl.

I heard something like Jake Gylenhaal is supposed to be cameoing as Carnage at some point -- that's a good pick as far as I'm concerned.

Frick, I'd rather see Vin Diesel as Venom than Topher Grace. What are these crazy Hollywood fuckers doing to things? I grew up watching the modern Spiderman cartoons where Venom was built like a bodybuilder. I always loved Venom even though he was a villain, so it's going to hurt to see him gayed down.


I really liked the first two spiderman movies though I think Toby is a douche and they could have found someone wayyy better to play him. Topher as Venom is sickening. Hollywood definitely has something against muscles.

The thing is that the biggest action star as far as muscle size is the Rock and his movies haven't done all that well at the box office in the sense that they barely make what it cost to make them,so don't expect it to change anytime soon.


Wow..that's like...scary? How in the hell can Topher Grace pull it off? I mean...he's skinnier/punier than me...and I'm not huge by any means.

They should get Bob Sapp to be Venom, and for Eddie Brock, I have no clue... Maybe Vin Diesel? Meh.

But wow... Topher's not even big enough to be Carnage, so who in their right mind would let him play Venom? Gah...


This is what it comes down to for me. If these parts called for amazing acting ability, I would give a lot more leeway when they cast physically innappropriate actors. But they want to give these parts to established actor with a fan base who also no doubt campaigned pretty hard for the roles.


Shit, I didn't realize it was That 70s guy. That's just ridiculous.


I agree with you that Toby doesn't pull off the smartass character at all. That was the soul reason he was liked so much, especially the cartoon versions. His mouth made up for his lack of size. Toby comes across as a weenie in and out of costume. I think we are seeing influence from casting directors and possibly their own dislike of anyone who makes them feel small. Brock looked like bouncer. I don't understand why that would be avoided completely.


this disgust me, whats next leonardo dicaprio playing Thor.


IMDB has Topher as part of the cast, but they don't list him as Venom/Eddie Brock.

The Spiderman franchise is the most overrated piece of crap anyways. The only good casting is Willem Defoe as Norman Osborn/Green Goblin.

I don't understand their love affair with the metrosexuals (other than pulling in female audience to an action movie). Plus, Spiderman passing up Mary Jane bc of responsibility? What's that all about?

I think, if they're seriously pursuing this line of reasoning, that they should have James Vanderbeek as Jimmy Olson, Elijah Wood as Carnage (might be kinda cool considering Kevin in Sin City), and so on...

The Metrosexuals are taking over.


I gotta agree with this as well. Toby's banter with his enemies comes off as forced. This charactor trait along with the fact that Spiderman represented the everyman type hero is what made him Marvel's most popular charactor for years.


Any engineer worth his salt will tell you correlation is not necessarily causality. The Rock's movies haven't done well because they suck and because he's a piece of wood in front of the camera- not because he's muscular.

Having written that- I agree with the sentiment that it is nauseating to see one scrawny dude after another wearing a body suit because they can't bulk up.

I wonder what the teens of today will look like when they hit their late 30's and early forties. While a lot of us grew up with Lou Ferrigno, Arnold, and even Stallone as male role models- young males today are looking at Leo DiCaprio, Topher Grace, and Tobey McGuire. It's a damn shame.


I can't think of one movie from The Rock that I really liked except for The Rundown. Everything else has been a huge disappointment. I agree, that has nothing to do with his size and everything to do with not picking the right parts or good movies to act in.

As far as kids today, they will be primping collar popping weaklings who think anyone close to 200lbs is on steroids and insane for getting that big. They will run from creatine and when they hit their 40's and 50's and experience a drop in testosterone levels, Congress should have convinced them all by then that HRT is evil, criminal and that they should just let their sex drives and bodies fall apart because bodybuilding is bad, mmm'kay.