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Topeka Kansas?


Has anyone here lived or is living in Topeka Kansas?

I am moving up there after I complete this semester of college.
I was wondering if anyone knew what apartments were best, and where a good place to work was.
There is a steel-mill up there, which isn't truly the same as what I do, but it would be equivalent to a cabinet maker going to work in a saw mill.
Does anyone know of any good manufacturing or construction jobs in Topeka? I would prefer full-time day shift so I can still take night classes.


I live in Lawrence, which is about 20 minutes away on I-70. I don't know everything, but I'll try to help a little.

There is a DII college in Topeka (Washburn), so you should have no trouble finding an apartment. There is definitely a lot of construction work going on, tons of housing going up...especially in Lawrence. Here is the newspaper website, that should help you out with classifieds: http://www.cjonline.com/
Here's the Lawrence one, since there are often Topeka ads as well: http://www.ljworld.com/

Good luck!


Thanks! I am planning on attending that college. (washburn) I am hoping for a dipatch or corrections job, but I figure I have my best chance in steelwork or construction, where I have some experience.


No problem. I know there are also some of those steel building businesses in the area, don't know if they need workers.

I know one guy who lives in Topeka who is a powerlifter. I don't know where he works out, but if you need help in that area, I can probably put you in contact with him.


There are no powerlifters in Topeka, I checked. How is the powerlifting scene in Lawrence?


i live in KC, not too far off


Born and raised there, graduated from Washburn, left for grad. studies and back now for a few weeks.

Law enforcement jobs should be NO prob. they are ALWAYS looking for ppl on the TPD at least in the past they were. Construction, not a Prob either.

Living CHEAP.

Not a bad twon really once yopu are ued to it. KC is close for a night out.

Hell fire away any questions and Ill try and help.



You might try Murray and Sons they are always hiring, owner can be a prick but many of the foremans are cool I worked there through much of undergrad.

Ferril construction.

Hell ill think of more its getting late.

A shit pot of smaller crews

If you want to work there is a Job.


Like I said before, there is one guy I know of for sure, because I met him at a powerlifting meet in KC last month. If you'd like to get in touch PM me.

I am getting ready to start lifting at the Olympic Iron gym here in Lawrence, that is where the a lot of the powerlifters in Lawrence workout. I had been lifting at the club here in town for the last few years, but decided this year to pursue PLing. They are some great guys, and they are in close touch with the Gulledge brothers and the club they lift with (Midwest Maddogs) in KC. There is a meet at Blue Valley west on April 8th, the Gulledge bros and even Tim Harold Jr. from Westside is coming to compete. Back in Jan. I watched Dave G. bench 755, so there will be some weight thrown around.

PM me if you want more info.


I just found this thread googling Olympic Iron.

I live in Topeka and am a powerlifter. I'm contemplating driving to Lawrence 3-4 days a week right now.

PM me.