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Top Three People You Want to Meet


Living or dead.

I'll go first:

  1. Larry David
  2. Arnold (I'm sure this one will be popular. Not just b/c he was a bodybuilder, but after watching pumping iron a million times I think he would be a funny SOB.)
  3. Jesus

Now your turn...


Hunter S. Thompson
Lee Harvey Oswald (only if I had a shitload of sodium pentathol with me)
John Bonham (only if he was willing to give me private drum lessons)

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1) Moot
2) Tabitha Ridiman
3) Mod Brian


If it's imaginary dudes like Jesus, the list is getting ridiculous.
Also, it would be nice to add why them or what you'd say to these guys.

three is pretty stingy:
1) Alexander the Great. How big was his ego? What were his motivations and how pure were they?
2) Either some greek philosopher or a roman statesman, preferably someone who had some perspective but also occasionally distance to the top dogs, like Ovid.
3) myself,(essentially some sort of a clone) would be a huge opportunity to learn.


1. Stephen Hawking
2. Richard Branson
3. Sandra Bullock

1. Chief Sitting Bull (Tatanka Yotanka)
2. Martin Luther
3. Ernest Hemingway

People, living or dead, that I want to have a full blown, shoot the shit, party like hell poker night with.
Janis Joplin
William Shatner
Genghis Khan
Rob Zombie
Elizabeth Bathory
Weird Al Yankovic


Kobe Bryant
Matt Kroc








sure, why not? who would be better?:
Jesus- nice to meed you, i think your a fraud
Shakespeare- good work Will, the end.
Aristotle- yawn

i could go on. as long as I am going to take the time to meet someone, i want to at least have something to remember. OG is hot, funny, intereting, smart, and would have something interesting to say. Robylin is hot, works out, has some life experience, and seems like a fun person. I'm still tying to figure if Print is a he/she/it and get some grasp on what is going in his/her/its brain.

I'd kick Print off the list if it was three people I want to nail....add Penelope Cruz.

OK,,,her is one, Mohamed Ali, but only to shake his hand and thank him for being the greatest athlete (slight hyperbole here), and greatest personality (not the greatest person) of our time.


But you could meet all of them right now. Granted, OG might call the cops on you or shoot you. Print would meet you, just pretend you're a girl.


Optimus Prime, Cobra Commander, and Wonder Woman.


Henry Rollins...i would also want to box Lincoln and bathe Gabourey Sidibe.


Didn't we just do this? I think it was 5 ppl on the other thread... Oh well, I didn't leave a comment there, so here goes:

Buddha (because, well because, he was the man)
Jesus (because he was the father)
Brock Lesnar (because he'll protect us if Jesus refuses to shoot a lightning bolt through trouble makers)


1) Mary (to clear the whole virgin thing up)
2)Joseph (to tell him I banged his wife)
3) Jesus (to put on a Vader mask tell him "Im your father JC" and tell him I did his mom)


I lol'd @ your Brock Lesnar comment ... hilarious


didnt we just do this?

Advanced TS
andrew (the lil mexican one)
John Romaniello


Lao Tzu

Honorable Mention Goes To: Bruce Lee


LOL - Elizabeth Bathory???

Isn't that the countess who ordered the murder of numerous teenage peasants so she could drink their blood and bathe in it because she thought it would keep her looking young?

She was one of Bram Stoker's main historical sources for his character of Dracula. Vlad the Impaler, who in Hungarian was nicknamed Dracul (meaning the dragon) was the other one.

Funny that you have her in there with the likes of Weird Al and Shatner!

OK, here's my list along those lines:

Eric Clapton
Nazi doctor Joseph Mengele
The guy who voices Elmo

(Not seriously... Clapton is probably the only one above I'd actually care to meet!)