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Top Three People You Want To Kill


Well, have at... (figuratively, of course)


The guy that started this thread.

EDIT: I get three choices? Awsome!

Also the guy that started this thread: http://tnation.tmuscle.com/free_online_forum/music_movies_girls_life/top_three_people_you_want_to_meet

And for my third choice, the next person that starts a thread on the shankweight.


Aww. You were on my top three to meet, but now you've been bumped down to #4 and replaced at #3 by the dude with the pec implants. I hope you're happy with yourself.


Mega win!!!

Holy sh!t. I LOLed bad and made my pug jump. Wife didn't jump though. She saw it coming when I read her the thread title.


Oh!!! Shhheeiiiiiit! Snap back of the century. Nice work son.



FTR, I don't wanna kill anyone. I'm all about the peace and love, baby.


the cop that sent me up the river, any cop who gets in my way and the fucker who started the "crazed gunman" thread about me. I'm not crazed.


"These three people are in a room: Toby, Osama Bin Laden and Hitler. You only have a gun with two bullets what do you do? Shoot Toby twice"

-Michael Scott


romeothemonk three times

  1. Justin Beiber
  2. that one fat woman who wants to be the fattest woman in the world
  3. Tony Hayward

  4. Greg Valentino

  5. Kanye West

Thats right! I chose 5! Fuck you!



Be careful mayne , I'm warning you, I might have to slit your throat.

  1. popsickles
    2> lasanya
    3/ pizza pockets


Mother in law

Father in law

andrew_live cause he chose five.


LeBrick James
Gucci Mane
Soulja BOy


Complete victory.

  1. Ross from friends... lets see him whine about that, and I'd also kill Osama.


the anti-cop in you might get a lul out of this.

  1. my father.
  2. lil wayne.
  3. the next asshole to piss me off.


The fun thing about hookers is that you have them for an hour and can do anything you want with them.