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Top this Pic, If You Can!! ;)




i win!






Lol, I agree - that's great!


So... how is the worshiping of a hypocritical, drunken, 2-bit philosopher/novelist, adulteress awesome?


what the hell is a rib-woman?


Eve duh




Caveman your pic makes me sad :frowning:


who are we talking about?


bonsai kittens.

Not sure what we're trying to 'top' but this should be of help. The baby kittehs are placed in odd shaped jars and left to grow into the shape of the jar. Its extremely cruel and painful as eventually the kitten's ribs grow inward and slowly pierce its lungs. But hey! Look on the bright side! Now you've got this really cute funny shaped kitten in a jar!


Me too :frowning: I really hope that walrus insn't actually gay.



since the thread is heading in this direction


context baby, context


This X 1,000


Forgive me if I have, as has happened before, missed the joke, but I have a question for you: Do you actually buy that crap? This is a proven hoax meant to get a bunch whiners on Facebook to sign a petition. Again, if this is a T-Nation joke you can disregard this post.


Wow, you really don't know your Judeo-Christian mythology, do you? Eve was born from one of Adam's ribs.




so ridiculously full of win. Samari-imperial trooper.