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Other than protein powder what is everyones top ten supplements? What has worked for most of T-man faithful.
My top 10 would look like this, not in order and regardless of goals. Basically this is a list of shit that works…for me anyway.
1 Fish oil
3 Emergen C’ joint formula
4 Forty Flax-milled flax seed fiber
5 Yohimbie
6 Creatine
7 Alpha lipioc acid
8 Glutamine-only worked in a large dose for me.
9 Flax oil
10 CLA- I liked it but I took like 7-9 grams a day.

Everyone please chime in, let us all know what products give you results?
please include doses and experiences if possible.

T-mag- Making meat heads bigger, stronger and faster!

Have you been rummaging through my supplement cabinet???

Seriously though, that’s a solid list and pretty much exactly what I would list too. I too really like CLA but use high dosages like you.

I’m hoping HotRox delivers as promised…if it does, that will quickly make my top list.

What fish oil do you use? I’ve been taking that Health From the Sun liquid but I’m thinking about switching to a concentrated EPA/DHA capsule like Twinlab. I know they’re more expensive but this could cut a fair amount of unnecessary fat calories from my intake.

  1. Surge or Relentless

  2. Grow or UltraPeptide

  3. Vitamins

  4. ZMA

  5. Coral Calcium

  6. MD6

  7. MSM

  8. Fish Oil

  9. Powerdrive

  10. Creatine

These are the supplements that I currently use; they are not in any particular order (not all at the same time, obviously):

  1. Mag10
  2. 4-ad-ec
  3. MD6 (waiting on Hot Rox)
  4. Methoxy7
  5. SURGE- post workout
  6. Ultra Fuel and BCAAs- pre workout
  7. Tribex
  8. Vitex
  9. EAS Anti-oxidant blend
  10. EAS ALA
  11. Creatine
  12. Myoplex and/or GROW!
  13. Daily Vitamin
  1. Fish oil
  1. Fish/Flax oils

  2. PD

  3. Methoxy

  4. Tribex/M

  5. Surge

  6. 4-AD

  7. MD-6

  8. T2/T2-PRO

  9. Humanovar

  10. ALA

  11. Lipoderm-Y

  12. Anything GROW!

  13. Anti-oxi’s

  14. Lots of BCAA’s (Glutacene)

  1. Multi-vitamin

  2. Vitamin C

hmmm…I think that’s it. Other than the occasional meal replacement shake, that’s all I’ve been using for the past few months. I’m about to add some sort of meal reaplacement shake and some source of powdered protein to my regular diet, but that’s it.

  1. Surge
    now, in no particular order:
  2. Mag-10
  3. MD6
  4. 4-AD-EC
  5. plain ol’ creatine
  6. flax oil
  7. fish oil
  8. multivitamin
  9. extra vit. E & C
  10. Powerdrive (I wish I could afford this more often)
  11. M. Mad props to Brock Strasser for this one.
  12. ZMA
  13. Labrada MRPs and Grow!

Im bored I’ll throw in my cabinet for ya’ll to see as well:
1.Fish oil
3.Vitamin ester-c
6.Fiber drink
7.chromium histidinate

Nothing special, nothing to serious but works for me!

da boxer

  1. high quality multi-vitamin
  2. magnesium/zinc
  3. fish oil
  4. antioxidants (C,beta-carotene,E etc)
  5. power drive or other supplements in that category.
  6. DMSO or MSM (great for the joints and skin)
  7. Tribex and Vitex
  8. glutamine
  9. aloe vera extract (great for the immune system)
  10. herbal relaxants (valerian, chamomile tea, kava, st. johns wort)

To Nate Dogg-
Interested in your experiences with, and personal reasons for using Coral Calcium?

I know there’s been a lot of hype on this in the past year or so (Louie Simmons partly to blame me thinks), and it seems to have blown over now. You’re still using-Why? For joint pain? For immune system effects? For the proposed bone-sparing effects?

From what I have read, there does seem to be a fair amount of anecdotal evidence to make it a good alternative (or compatriate) to Gluc/Chondr/MSM. I do get some mild knee pain occasionally, and was thinking of having it on stand-by for this.

If you have been using it for joint pain, then have you tried cycling off it to see if you can do without it? (i.e. what I’m trying to get at is if it’s suitable for intermittent usage?)

Thanks for your input dude. SRS

BTW I’ll post MY current supps below!

Question: How much fish/flax oil should one consume per day?

I tried searchin, but no luck.

I just did a search, and the answer popped up right away.

Now, go do a real search.

Berardi says it in one of his articles about how much fish oil to use.

I personally use Carlson labs lemon flavored liquid fidh oil. Tast good and fairly cheap. I usually take 3-5 swigs a day.

I also take coral calcium. Hard to tell if a vitamin or mineral is doing anything for you.

I should also add I love the way green tea makes me feel. I feel it’s much better for you than coffee and it has little to no caffine. Green tea can help you lose fat and also has a lot of anti oxidants.

I think I’m goning to try Powerdrive since most of you recomend it.

How does Powerdrive make you feel?

How much ALA do most of you take?

Lets keep this thing going.
Has anyone had any success with odd supplements and or herbs like reishi mushroom extract?

in no particular order, but all primo products in my mind
1)flax oil
5)postworkout drink (homemade or fancy product)
6)multi-vitamin (dual tabs, v2000, healthguard)
7)homemade antioxidant stack (still havent found a good one that is a good price)
8)Kaizen ZMA-pm
10)original T2
11)apidokinetix (never tried MD6)
12)HMB… nah, just kidding, hehehehe

In no particular order:

  1. Solgar multivitamin
  2. Low carb grow
  3. Creatine
  4. Fish oil (<6g./day)
  5. Mag 10
  6. Tribex 500 and M
  7. Green Tea
  8. Surge
  9. Flax seed oil
  10. Yohimbe (liquid)

That is it to this point. I have been doing my best to quit bars (Grow~MetRx Protein Plus) as of late but they should be mentioned.

  1. protein Powder
  2. Multi-vitamin
  3. Creatine
  4. BCAA/glutamine powder such as ICE
  5. Flaxseed oil
  6. B-100
  7. Powerdrive
  8. Vitacube 'Heat" for joints and soft tissue
  9. DHA
  10. ZMA


I began using Coral Calcium (Bob Barefoot brand) after a recommendation by irondoc (chiropractor and A.R.T. specialist) for my knee problems.

I have had tendonitis and other knee problems/pain for the past few years. I have had some ART treatments, but the focus has been on my calves and ankles. The Coral Calcium (along with MSM, which I have been using for about six months) seem to have helped with reducing knee and other joint pain.

Also, I had no idea Coral Calcium had so many health benefits. I’ve been reading Bob Barefoot’s book “Death by Diet” and it talks about things I have been saying for years, except he shows the proof! He talks about how vitamins, minerals and your diet can cure all diseases including cancer and heart disease. I have talked about eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle for more than a decade.

Now knowing that Coral Calcium can help cure and prevent many other diseases and ailments, I plan on using this for the rest of my life. This holds true for vitamin and mineral supplements, which I think are very important to overall health.

I’m sure you could cycle the product, but for overall health benefits, I would seriously consider using this as a staple in your diet and supplementation plan. There are places you can purchase it for $14.99 a bottle and it’s the real deal (Okinawa coral calcium - by Robert Barefoot).

Definitely check into it!

Nate Dogg

Forgive my ignorance, Nate, but what exactly makes coral calcium so special? Isn’t it just calcium and a few other minerals?

And I’d be wary of the whole “curing cancer and heart disease” statements. They’re often the products of a company wanting to sell you something. Do I discount the health benefits of vitamins and minerals? Absolutely not, but don’t I also don’t make them out to be miracle cures for anything and everything. I think a proper diet and lifestyle are FAR more important.

Anyway, any good links for coral calcium info that you use?

1)Surge- Pre and Post workout
2)Beverly International Muscle Provider and Ultra Size
3)Carlsons Super Omega-3 Fish Oils Caps(about 5 a day)
4)MultiVitamin- Carlsons Gel Caps

In the past, have used Isopure Whey Isolate, Optimum 100% Whey, and other various protein powders.