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Top Ten Celebrity Get Skinny Secrets


Just saw a commercial about an upcoming show about Celebrities' Top Ten Get Skinny secrets. Now that sounds like stimulating, intelligent fodder. Lemme guess....

  1. Bulimia, it's not for everyone...just gorgeous celebs.

  2. Anorexia, lifesyle of the thin, rich and famous.

  3. Crack, breakfast of size zero diva champions.

  4. Liposuction, more than just repetitive visits to the cosmetic surgeon.

  5. The Concentration Camp Diet, move over Dr. Atkins and South Beach....those fatties at Weight Watchers have nothing on this new craze.

  6. Gastric Bypass Surgery, Trimspa in disguise.

  7. Sandwiches- be afraid, be very afraid.

  8. Colonics, more than just a rubber hose up your ass.

  9. Muscle. Who needs it when you can have a flat butt like Paris Hilton's? Now that's hot.

  10. Bottled water, cigarettes, laxatives, diuretics, rice cakes- stocking the celeb dieter's kitchen.

Call me cyncial or call me cranky, but who cares what anorexic, bleach platinum celebs do to get that skinny, muscleless, pale, sagging frame when there are real problems in this world? Gimme a break.


Hahahahahahahaha nice job.


I hate when people come into my studio and there like "Jennifer Aniston does this" "Jen Gardner does this" J Lo does that" what these people don't realize is they kill themselves to get ready for an upcomming role and then they return to normal. The biggest loser has brought me a lot of business, which is sad, bt I would never train anybody the way they do on that program.


LMFFAO ! <:slight_smile:

CD, did you think up those methods yourself? You have missed your calling, you could be a weight-loss coach to the STARS !

It's not so much that anyone CARES what celebs do to look the way they look... I think that people watch because it's a freak show. I maintain that most people watch stupid people on TV, because it makes US feel just that much smarter. Of course, just like all my other arguments, I have absofuckenlutely no data to back that up. hehe

\|/ 3Toes


Chinadoll, I wanted to let you know that I went to Hawaii 1 and 1/2 years ago for my Honeymoon. We took a cruise around all the Islands. It was the most incredible place I have ever been. We stopped at every Island and got a taste of everything. We took a couple of excursions and saw some waterfalls, and hiked a volcano. When we left Kaui(spelling) we went by all the mountains and cliffs that ran into the ocean. I video taped everything and watch it monthly. We will return soon. I am hoping for our 5 year anniversary. It must be an amazing place to live.


What are you talking about, everyone should exercise 3 hrs a day, and eat around 1000 calories, perfectly normal, LOL.

I can't even stand to watch that show, the message it portrays isn't helping things.


you can read minds?




hahaha! good one :slightly_smiling:


im so hot right now.


Baby you're always hot.


I've heard people at my unit pushing those diets to the fat boys. Seriously! I get the urge to commit murder when I hear it too. I in turn try to get those guys to come drag my sled. Of course, people will attempt the easy route and of course ensure their own failure.

"Murder was the case....."


This is exactly why I love Paris Hilton. She never disappoints. No matter how bad life gets, I can always think "at least I'm not Paris".


I'm glad you guys find humor in my sarcasm. Hehe. Paying $2,000.00 for colonics trips me out...better to give $1,998.00 to the Make a Wish foundation, and take the other $2 and buy a fleets enema.


you have just earned some sex points!