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Top Strength Coaches

What is your list of Top Strength Coaches ?

Dave Tate, Jim Wendler, Christian Thibaudeau

Jim Wendler, Mark Rippetoe, Mark Bell (not exactly a coach but the people around him sure see good results)
I’m sure there’s a bunch of people I’ve missed out but generally, I like reading/watching their material.

Many great ones around there, but Wendler, CT, Dan John and couple local names ( not globally known, but really good and intelligent ones when it comes to training) comes to my mind.

Dan John, Pavel, Josh Bryant.

Joe deFranco, Matt Rhodes and TIm henriques have also put out a lot of quality material

Chris Duffin is probably one of the best in the world

Big Thanks to T-Nation and Elite for putting all these guys work out there for us to see. Famous guys, and some slightly less famous guys.

I never would have found Chris Duffin, Matt Rhodes, Tim Henriques or Christian Thibaudeau on my own.

My back and squat have been feeling better and better since I’ve been following Duffin.

I love Mark Bell’s attitude. Lifting weights is work, but its fun work.

Don’t forget guys from the past like John McCallum and Anthony Ditillo!