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Top Squat at Gym

If you were going to bring your own “top squat” device to a commercial gym (to allow back-squatting with hands in front), which of the following would you do:

A) Just put it on the bar and start using it; and stop if staff or management objects.

B) Ask staff or management if it’s ok before using it the first time.

(The gym in question is a “Boston Sports Club” satellite location in Massachusetts – not a “hard-core” place, but not overly pink-dumbell-ish, either.)

Thank you for any advice or insights.


With these sorts of things, I find it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission.

Definitely A)

I would go with choice A. I faced this same situation years ago. I used to bring my own squat box and manta ray to the gym because they didn’t have one. Oh, they had the usual garbage-leg extension machines, hack squat machines and leg presses but not the stuff I use. Buying my own power rack and equipment has enabled me to avoid these situations and I am much happier.

A, but I also go a pretty hard-core gym.

Never heard of that piece of eqiupment before…just googled it, looks cool.