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Top Set for Multiples?


Has anyone used the top work set for multiple sets to any success?


I have used the rule of ten for the hang clean for 5 weeks now. Doing it once a week before front squats. It fits for my situation, because I can practice technique/speed with relatively heavy weight for many short sets. Looking my performance now and 5 weeks ago, it is certain that I have gain strength in the movement.

Jim has prob. better answer. He has multiple sets in some of the new templates (building the monolith, or passing the torch). Note that these are always used when the TM is relatively low.


The Advanced Template in Beyond 5/3/1 is setup to where you are doing 5 sets of the prescribed weight/percentage given for that day. I have ran it for about 5 weeks now and really like it. That template is certainly worth a try or looking at the Beyond 5/3/1 Template. Rule of 10 as mentioned above is also a good choice. Just have to pick one and go with it for 3-6 weeks and see how things go.


Yes we use it - but we have found, after about a year of screwing around, that bar speed must be optimal. Thus, as someone said above me, TM needs to be a bit lower.


[quote]badboy69cancer wrote:
Has anyone used the top work set for multiple sets to any success? [/quote]
Yes worked well and breaks up training a bit before going back into pushing for pr’s although i still prefer fsl for sets of 5 is just another way you can go about 531 for a cycle or 2. Matt rhodes suggested 3 sets at top weight a few years back if you can look him up that guy knows his shit.


Thanks all. Can’t believe I am just now seeing this. I thought my notifications were being inboxed. Anyways, I’ve tried the FSL and liked it a lot. I usually try to stay aware of bar speed, but will keep a closer eye on it and will look into the rule of 10. Thanks again and apologies for the late reply.