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Top Rear Delt Exercises


Hey everyone, how's it going today? Let's get some massive rear delts going. Question: What are some rear delt exercises to put on some size besides bent over rear delt laterals or flat/incline bench rear laterals?

I only have really heard/seen these two in action and was wondering if anyone knows of some other exercises that can work this often underworked delt.

thanks for any help. Tony


Yesterday's article talked in depth about using face pulls.

Also bent over rows to the neck, cable rows to the neck and dumbbell face pulls, are all good rear delt exercises.


wide grip rows and reverse butterfly/flys


I do rear delt rows, which are basically the compound version of the bent-over lateral.


I like cable scarecrows, as well as any high pulling (face pulls, row to neck).


hey its my first post but i like to do delt rows, face pulls and rear delt raises but hey those are the only rear delt exrecises i know.


I prefer these on the cable cross machine. Personaly, I feel tha I can isolate the rear delt better than with the rowing motions. I like to pinch the traps together and keep them there, then do this motion slow and controlled. Really reduces assiatance from other muscle groups.


I like a lying 1 arm rear delt fly. Use a light weight and go super slow. 7-10 second reps. 3 sets of 10 will do. Try to prevent your scapula from moving as it will involve the bigger muscles of your middle back. You will look like a pussy for using such a light weight, but your rear delts will thank you. After the soreness goes away.


For me, Hammer Strength Iso Row is far and away the best rear delt exercise, though that's not its main purpose. (I would say overall back thickness and lats are the main purpose.)

Using it gave me actually better rear delts than medial or anterior.

My present gym doesn't have one, so I actually bought one. It's that good, at least for me.


I do rear deltoid rows to the neck with a barbell.


Heh, I get good delt work with shrugs :)]
but that is more upper neck area.

I felt good rear delt work with wide grip pulley pulls to the upper chest area. With the type of bar pictured above.


Bill Roberts I was wondering what the width of the hammer strength machine was, did you row with close elbows to sides (lats) or elbows out (rear delt)? I guess we could still work rear delt with lat moves even if that was the case.


Check out Hang & Swings in John Meadows' training vids. My rear delts are always on fire after these.



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I'm a big fan of John Meadows' delt exercises which can be found here: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/shoulder_training_the_mountain_dog_way&cr=

I also like face pulls, band pull-aparts, and bench braced rear delt flies as well.




I feel like my delts have benefitted a lot from applying John Meadow's shoulder training tips as well. Specifically, his recommendation of high rep work for them. 4x25 rear delt raises on an incline bench=killer.


Yeah, when I started doing those for sets of 30 my rear delts became very prominent after just like a month.