Top-of-the-Line Multi Vitamins?

I like AnimalPak as well. Gives you all the things you could need, including some BCAA, but it isn’t over kill like some of those multi’s out there.

And do you need 10x the RDA of vitamins? And hold off on all the 'I’m not the average…'blah,blah,blah.

The RDA’s were originally determined from the amount of a vitamin or mineral that you need to not get sick - as in, just enough vitamin c so that you don’t get scurvy. Not the amount for optimum health for anyone, let alone an athlete.

According to the latest issue of New scientist magazine, antioxidents in pill form are at best a waste of time and money, and at worst are bad for you. I also says that antioxidants in food might work because they generate healthpromoting quantities of free radicals whereas too many are produced in response to pills leading to the harmful effects seen in numerus experiments.

Just something to think about. sells some very nice ones. The pack is called “essentials,” and it comes with a multi-vitamin / mineral bottle and an antioxidant bottle.

-“Life Extension formula”
-“Universal Animal Pack”
-“GNC’s Megaman”
-“fuck that shit, use Greens+”

When boiled down to its elements, every multivitamin thread ends with these four conclusions. Therefore, I suspect that these four choices are the best there is.