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Top-of-the-Line Multi Vitamins?


I've just recently moved to the States and was wondering what most people feel is a top-of-the-line multi that is available here? I don't mind oredering it online, so let me know what everyone's opinions are.....


If you're a big, serious lifter (and have some money), try Universal's AnimalPak or Universal's Genesis ATP. A lot of pills to swallow in each pack, but good stuff, IMO.

Cheaper and still very good...
-GNC MegaMan

Cheaper still... (and it worked for Sammy Sosa)...
-Flintstone Kids vitamins



This is the best way to go, or any children's multi-vitamin/mineral. Break them in half, chew half with breakfast and half with dinner.


I know this topic is old and sorry for digging it, but why children multi vitamins? Is it better than the regular centrum or woman's one a day??


lol, looks like a joke, but who knows? Maybe they pack Flinstones Vitamins with dinosaur semen for a boost to your child's testosterone.


Before I go off and start a new thread.

I've been reading different threads on here about the low quality of drug-store-branded multivitamins such as Centrum and I also did a seperate research on that as well.

Yet, it didn't help me much, but got me even more confused instead. On the http://www.consumerlab.com , Centrum was approved in all the 3 categories, but according to the info given by the members of this board or other sites, it is just a waste of money. Even though it didn't directly bash the brand, but it stated:

"Do not take generic, low-quality multivitamins. You may as well be swallowing little rocks for all the nutrients you will get out of them.

"Most vitamins (including popular brand names) that come in tablet form are so compressed that they can't be broken down even by stomach acid.

"Look for multivitamins in capsule or gelcap form. These will be the most absorbable. "

Can anyone who knows about multivitamins help me on this?

I currently take Woman's One A Day, my child CENTRUM for kids and my husband just normal CENTRUM.

Should we switch brand? IF so, which brand has high quality and costs less than $10?

Thank you very much.


In your next post you touch on part of the reason why children's chewable- you chew them up with your food. The heavily compressed tablets, unless broken in half, don't always digest well. Even breaking them in half doesn't guarantee complete absorption. And gelcaps don't always get digested either. And since you don't eat all of your food at once, why would you take a multi-vitamin supplement all at once? Use part in the morning and the other part at night.
As for quality, the basic ingredients in all vitamins are pretty much the same. And remember, this is a supplement- it's not meant to be your only source.

As for digging up an old topic, that was a good idea to do a search before starting a topic.


Thanks a lot Bikemike! That's helped a lot! :slight_smile:


All multi's should be crunched up, this can be a nasty experience, so get a gob full of coffee or something to mask the taste.

Mineral forumulations see better absorption as amino acid chelates. Avoid multis with di-calcium phosphate as the bulker/primary ingredient. Some better vit manufacturers use vegetable extracts and similar to replace the di-calcium phosphate. Too much calcium in these forumulas blocks abosorption of other stuff. They aren't foolproof and you should sort diet out first. I use Solgar VM-2000.


This is why childrens chewables work fine.


Children's chewables don't contain a tenth of the stuff in say a Solgar multi-vitamin, probably not many minerals and the dose is bugger all ? How do you figure that ?


What have all vitamin tablets got in common ? They contain vitamins, yeah.

Are they basically the same in say, forumalation ? No are they hell. No more than Surge or Grow! is the same as Weider Dynamic Muscle Builder or some Cybergenics powdered stuff.


And do you need 10x the RDA of vitamins? And hold off on all the 'I'm not the average.......'blah,blah,blah.

Because if you are--you are already eating better and probably supping a little. Most protein powders are full of daily allowances of vit. and minerals. Eat your 4-5 fruits. Eat your 3-5 veggies. Drink your Grow! (I still have it). Take some ZMA. Now really-what more do you freakin' need.


Toss in a greens+ supplement and your good to go.

I ditched the mulit's a month or so back and Im not going back unless Biotest makes one.


Now, I have looked at Greens+ a bunch of times, but my only problem is that it seems to have a lot of stuff in it that I would not want to take (bee pollen and echinacea for example). That really has been my big sticking point with that one.

In terms of multi-vitamins, I either take the Whole Foods multi or one of the Synergy formulations from Nutraceutical Sciences Institute (NSI).


"Life Extension Mix" by Life Extension is a top of the line multi - recommended by Charles Poliquin. But, it is very expensive.


Now I'm not sure if it's a relevant test, but I have put one of my centrum multi's in a glass of water.. it dissolved by itself really quickly. Try it yourself, and then chug the brew.
If your multi doesn't dissolve in water.. try using vinegar, the little bit more acid might help and it's probably closer to the environment in your stomach anyway.

The quality of the ingredients is not something that I can give an opinion on.


Both Bee Pollen and Echinacea are good for you. Even if neither held up to be as effective as some claim, it doesn't matter. They arent gonna hurt you unless your alergic or something.

Link on Bee Pollen - http://www.primary.net/~gic/herb/bee.htm

Royal Jelly - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_jelly

Echinacea - http://www.kcweb.com/herb/echin.htm

I did a little research on every item in Greens before I decided to by it. Its all safe. The only two things I would rather not see in it is soy sprouts and Licorice. However, there in such minute small quanities it won't do any harm whatsoever.

If your that concerned about little things in your diet, I would start with tap water. Flouride and Chlorine do more damage to your health than anything in Greens ever could.


Megaman from GNC is awesome!


I like Universal's AnimalPak. I also take ZMA before bed.