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Top movie scenes

In last weeks reader mail Chris said that the tmag staff were compiling a list of the top 50-100 movie scenes. Here are a few to think about in no particular order, Robert De Niro’s " “are you talking to me?” from Taxi Driver, The chariot race from Ben Hur, The scene from Spartacus when all the slaves say “I’m Spartacus”, not neccessarily a t-scene but when Verbal Kent leaves the police station at the end of The Usual Suspects, Rocky on the top of the steps in Rocky, Rocky working out in the snow (renegade style) in Rocky V (or is it xxxvi?) I am sure there are heaps more esp Arnie ones but that should get the ball rolling, oh well must go outside now and skippity skip! then pukety puke!

The Matrix - DVD scene 29 “Please remove any metallic items…”. I must get back to study! Then skippity skip, puke :slight_smile:

The Matrix - any scene with Trinity in it! Black Leather hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I think its rocky 2. Hes getting killed by Apollo. He gets knocked down, and then gets back up. He starts fighting harder. The bell rings and he goes back to his corner. He tells mick, “I aint going down no more.” Damn,I just got chills.

Rocky 5. Tommy Gunn hits Pauley. Rocky helps him up and says, “You knocked him down, why dont try knockin me down.”

Rocky 5? Ick. Of course you have to mention Clint. Dirty harry is classic, not only the do you feel lucky punk one, but also the part where the main bad guy andrew robinson, the guy that plays Garak on Star trek DS9, top that nkeago)steals the gun from the liquor store. The scene from white hunter, black heart, where he tells the woman at the table the story (if you haven’t seen this movie, you have to). Conan the Barbarian, when he throws Thulsa Doom’s head (who, by the way, was a Krull, not Conan, enemy) down the stairs. Resevoir Dogs, where they’re all getting there names and Steve Buscemi is Mr. Pink “why am I mister Pink?” “Because your Hetyey”… uh, I mean “because your a faggot!”

The Dead Pool, when Clint is standing there with the harpoon gun “You’re shit outta luck.” Sigourney Weaver when she goes after the alien queen in Aliens. The armory sceen in the Matrix, and the shootout in the building lobby. (Am I really that much of a gun buff?) Kathy Shower’s ritual massage in The Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck (a stupid movie, but that scene is probably the finest 30 seconds ever shot). Give me more time, and I could probably come up with a lot more.

One that stands out for me is the scene in True Romance where Christopher Walken has Dennis Hopper tied up and is trying to find out where his son (Christian Slater) is. Hopper knows he’s as good as dead but gives Walken nothing. A ballsy performance and a classic scene!

Okay your a fucking geek!!! Heheehh. Just kidding. That will be a hard one to top. I remember Garek he was the best guy on the damn show. I too like that scene from Reservoir dogs. I also like “Hey can ya hear this”? Actually that was sick but funny.

I like the scene from the movie Lybrinth…man I just can’t spell, anyway these too little creatures are argueing then the one say “Yeah well your mother’s a faggot!!!” That’s some good shit. Beat that Bronx!!!

Okay I have to pick a better scene than that…Pitch Black when Diesil goes toe to toe with the Alien and all he has is a knife and he kick it’s ass. Or when Bill Packston’s character in Alien says “Yeah but it’s the dry kinda heat”. Yeah. :slight_smile:


In pumping Iron when Arnold has breakfast with Lou ferrigno and his family, its absolutely priceless to listen to the conversation. Arnold basically beats Lou right there at the breakfast table, he renders him helpless right in front of his family, and whats worse is that Lou is deaf and that gives Arnold a greater advantage in verbal mind games.

How about when Rocky calls for Adrian in Rocky II? Yeah right. Has anyone noticed how Rocky is screaming at the top of his lungs for Adrian and she can barely be heard? AAAAADDDDRRRRIIIAAAAAAAN!! rocky? It’s almost as if she fought 15 rounds or just didn’t give a shit.

In no particular order: 1. The part in T2 when they’re escaping from the lab on their way to the foundry & the lab explodes (best explosion ever) 2. In True Lies when Arnie uses the gas truck as a flamethrower & uses barrel flash as a lighter. 3. Near the end of Monty Python’s Meaning of Life when Graham Chapman is getting chased by a crowd of naked ladies. (all the ones in heaven are wearing fake boobs-too bad)

pretty good so far… how about the opening battle in “Gladiator” - all those crazy tribal dudes versus mr. crowe’s roman troops; from taxi driver, the fight at the end (talk about not going to be denied!); from Platoon - Elias is given up for dead, but emerges from the jungle pursued by tons of VC…How about worst movie scenes? Got one that will make the list for sure. The scene in the movie “Kingpin”, when Woody Harrelson gets with his landlord to “work off the rent”…she was FOUL!!

Anything from Tombstone: “Wyatt, you’re an oak”, or the scene where Wyatt walks into the bar and just slaps that guy around …“throw down boy!!” “are you gonna just stand there and bleed?” Awesome. Also - the car chase scenes in “Gone in 60 Seconds” (the new one) are excellent.

Cool Hand Luke. “What we have here is a failure to communicate. You gotta get your mind right boy.” Great movie too.

The scene in The Prisidio where Sean Connery beats the crap out of that big guy using only one thumb. Funny stuff.

hahaha… thanks Nkeago. Those were some good scenes (except for Pitch black, because I’ve never seen it). That seen in the Prisido was good. How could I forget the military movies. When Clint is the platoon instructor and knocks out that big dude in Heartbreak ridge. A whole bunch of scenes from Saving Private Ryan (the beginning, which I saw for the first time while I was eating boneless spare ribs w/bbq sauce, the sniper scene, and the end, when he askes his wife if he’s earned this), and just about any scene from the first half of Full metal Jacket. “What is your major malfunction Numbnuts. Did mommy and daddy not give you enough attention as a kid” This is while Joker is pointing a loaded M14 at him. That is balls, my man. stupid, but balls. So nkeago, “Choke yourself. That’s it, get on your knees and choke yourself. No, don’t touch my hand, bring your neck to my hand.” :slight_smile:

The ending scene in Unforgiven, where Clint kills everyone in the bar, priceless.
Conan the Barbarian, where Conan answers the question, " What is best in life?" " To crush the enemy, see him driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the women."
The D-Day invasion in Saving Private Ryan.

You lost me with the choking myself bit? When I think about choking myself it doesn’t involve my neck. Brahaahahah. (It definatly doesn’t involve your hand…or any part of you for that matter.)

I almost forgot…Harely Davidson and The Marlbouro Man. The whole fucking movie is great. Or at least all the great scenes take too long to explain.

Apocolypse Now when…(Robert Davall’s character) just stands straight up in the middle of gun fire and moter shells and everyone else is ducking but he doens’t get hit…cause he’s really cool or something. :slight_smile:


Some great flicks are up here already no doubt. Here’s one that’s missing, just about any fight scene from Fist of Legend. Absolutely classic, especially the first scene, the fight between Jet Li and the Karate Master and the final scene. Absolutely awesome.

Ninja Scroll. If you haven’t seen it, see it. If you have then you know what I’m talking about. Finally, Lethal Weapons 1 & 2, back when it was fresh.