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Top Half OHP - Tips for Feeling Triceps


I’ve been using BDWP for about six weeks now with dips, CGBP, and overhead extensions as my triceps movements. I’d like to replace extensions with top half OHP (close grip, seated, off the pins), but every time I try it my shoulders fatigue before my triceps. I’ve tried seat angles between 75 and 90 degrees and starting positions anywhere between brow and hairline. I pause on the pins at every rep and generally “scrape the rack” going up, which seems to help place more emphasis on the triceps for me, but my shoulders still bear the brunt of the load. Any tips on feeling the triceps on this movement?


Focus on trying to spread the bar appart when you press up


Funny he mentioned that, as I was just putting this into play recently.

It seemed to fix a lot of form issues, and also eliminated some of the popping in my shoulders and blunt pressure.

If you have a resistance band, take a narrower grip than you press so you have tension when you pull the band to your grip width, and from there, practice pressing keeping the tension through the whole motion.

As for feeling the triceps more, I’d say I’m also shoulder dominant and it sounds counter-intuitive but I found pre-exhausting my triceps before pressing helps feel them more.


whats the point in this? will this not exhaust you even more than just pressing?- I thought you should bend the bar as you lower it like benchpress…so should you also spread the bar as you push on BP