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Is it just me or is it getting shit again?I find the editing to ‘samey’ the tasks getting abit repetative and the last 2 episodes were just pretty shit boring.
When this series kicked of it was like fucking yeh but it sort of burnt out.
Am I the only person that thinks it needs another face lift with new ideas?
Am I the only prson that thinks Clarksons oppinion is getting boring?eg hows a murcielago not a cool car?Yeh when we see the people that drive them we think twat!but thats no reflection of the car;its just human natural jealousy talking.
Oppinions please, just say if you think Im wrong its just my oppinion.

I kinda have the same feeling. It’s still a great show, but the last season did seem a bit uninspired and the edge was gone. And Clarkson, Hammond and May look like they are relying on their respective roles too much, it’s like they’re on auto pilot. This season was too much of the same, nothing really memorable, a little too often the same gags. The conversations and jokes also looked more “telephoned”.

The Murci is not cool because people that want to be cool buy those. Buying one shows a lack of taste and knowledge of automotive options. I hate the gaudiness of Spyker’s, but I’d show some level of respect for the owner of one just for knowing about them.

It’s a car show in it’s 13th (?) season. How original and exciting can it be? Do you watch Fifth Gear? I watch it for VBH.

um, the Stig is all they’ll ever need. of course over here I just watch old episodes on the internet. A big fan of the episodes where they drove crapper cars across Africa, and drove thru Thailand or something on 100 dollar scooters.

The Stig will be an interesting subject since Schumi is replacing Massa.

[quote]leaftye wrote:
The Stig will be an interesting subject since Schumi is replacing Massa.[/quote]

hmmm… why? it isn’t like he really is the Stig. He just did that one episode, that’s all IMO.

I thought the last episode of the series was actually pretty good. I loved the Scirocco ads they made, Clarkson’s “Berlin to Warsaw on one tank” ad had me in hysterics. I actually enjoy it for its predictability, I think its a “not broke, don’t fix it” type of situation. I know I will always agree with Hammond when it comes to cars, and with Clarkson when it comes to anything else. and that’s how I like it.

I fear change.

Schuey certainly ain’t the Stig. In fact, they almost certainly have three or four guys that fill that role.

Anyways, I still love the show, and rarely see the new episodes. The most recent one I saw was the one where they had to sail across the English channel in their car-boats(I loved that episode.
I still love watching it though. Stranger still is that I’m not really into cars.

I nearly shat myself with excitement when they reviewed the Aston DB9 though

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no the fact is murcielago is a cool car your thinking about it too much the cool factor is that instant feeling when you see one, I think the reason it has lost its edge is its been over used.Regardless of automotive oppinion, I dont claim to know alot about cars and dont; but people that have spent their whole life obsessing about them do agree with me.Like I said tho post your oppinion,respected.

If I had to pick one it would be Ken Blocks one that May had ago in,I had not watched any of his videos until is saw that;I nearly ejaculated to the sound of the after burner.That aside it would be a caterham as I was passenger in one at a car show and really wanted to steal it,plus the powerslide on top gear was shit hot.
I ought to start watching fifth gear;Isnt Quentin Wilson one of the hosts?,I remeber watching one it felt weird as hes from my home town and used to see him on daily basis in the street.

Oww by the way Im one of the stigs;as I said I dont know much about cars they just put me in one and I just connect to it…lol.