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top cutting foods

What would you think would be the top foods to consume when cutting down body fat percentage? I thought I was doing great and then it comes to my attention that eating cottage cheese is a no no when cutting down as well as fruit, so what foods does everyone stick to when cutting up?

Veggies and chicken breast.

After 12 weeks of this stale duo though, the only thing you’ll be cutting are your wrists. :wink:

Lean meats and fiber dense veggies are the norm for me though.

I never eat fruit, but if I did I would only eat 2 pieces per day max and I would nix it during a cutting period. As for cottage cheese, there is nothing wrong w/ consuming it during a cutting phase. You could combine it w/ protein and fat in your last meal and still keep carbs fairly low.

Good cutting foods:

Lean Meats (beef, chicken, fish)
Fibrous Veggies (broccoli, spinach)
Quality Protein (Low-carb Grow)
Post-workout Drink (Surge)
Fish & Flax oils

Why is cottage cheese bad? Did I miss something???

Chicken breasts, with multiple permutations on the spices that are involved.

It’s the only way to stay sane.

What’s wrong with cottage cheese? It’s a great food all the time, even when cutting.

You should be eating all sorts of lean protein sources and fattier sources (Salmon, beef) when eating either P+C meals or P+F meals.

Most veggies are perfect for dieting (go easy on the starchy veggies like potatoes, sweet potatoes and corn) and eat some fruit (apples, oranges) that rates low on the glycemic index.

Timing and nutrition is everything. P+C in the morning and post workout. P+F during the day before training and sometimes okay at night, depending on your goals.

So to recap:

  1. Lean protein sources (chicken, fish, protein powders, cottage cheese)

  2. Other protein sources for P+F meals (salmon, steak, beef, cheese, eggs)

  3. Fiberous veggies (green, leafy veggies and others)

  4. Some fruit (apples, oranges)

  5. water

  6. post-workout shakes

Cottage cheese.

Top Cutting Foods? Well, how 'bout I be a jackass and tell you that there should be very little difference in food selection no matter if you’re trying to lose fat or gain muscle. None. Period.

The proportions of each macronutrient may very well change for your current physique goal, but I think your food selection should not differ to any great extent.

With that being said, cottage cheese and fruits, with an emphasis on low GI fruits, both have their places in a cutting diet.

I agree w/ Timbo for the most part. However, drastic cutting periods cannot include the same foods, since the macronutrient ratios and amounts change. If only reducing calories minimally, then food selection shouldn’t change much, if at all.

I agree with Timbo. I don’t change what I eat, just how much of it. Plus, if you make yourself miserable on your cutting phase by knocking out a lot of food choices, you will just get bored and have a hard time sticking with it. The only significant change I make when cutting is eating more veggies, and that’s because I hate being hungry and I can eat a ton while still sticking to my macro ratios.

The Timbonator got it straight on.

My “top cutting foods” are vegetables; especially potatoes, brocoli, peas and squash. I also eat red meat a plenty. Besides chicken. Oh, and then there’s the popular oatmeal. As for fruits? I’ve been known to eat alot of watermelon and mangoes when they’re in season. I also eat quite a bit of oranges, kiwi, and pears.

However that, I do eat this stuff everyday. I only eat what I like; no matter if I’m getting ready for a bodybuilding contest or not.

are grapefruit ok to eat in this diet?

My diet consist of chicken breasts, oatmeal-cereal, protein powder, fish, veggies, some fruit and omega369 capsules.
I cant eat tuna no more, as my body rejects it. The rest of the list tastes great, though.

yeah, i totally missed the “cottage cheese is bad wave”. whats that all about? you can by lite CC which has like 30g Pro, 5g C and 1.5 F. looks fine to me. plus it slow release etc just casien in a tub! mix in some pina-colada whey and sweetner yum yum!!!

Matty T…I know that grapefruit is highly purported by the crew over at Beverly International. I can’t say for certain what the basis is, but I had an acquaintance who was under their counsel for contest prep, and grapefruit was a staple in his diet…even included in his last meal of the day!

Again, Beverly has had oustanding success with preparation of athletes (i.e. bodybuilders) for contests, but I can’t attribute it solely to ingestion of grapefruit. I think grapefruit might have some mild diuretic actions and perhaps may act as a glycemic modifier (note: these qualities are coming off the top of my head and out of the dark, so take 'em for what they’re worth).

Thanks for all the backup, kiddos:-) And, 'Chine, this once again shows my partiality to non-drastic and extremely reduced energy intake nutritional schemes:-)

The article foods that make u look good nekid is a good read :slight_smile:

I may be off? but shouldnt you soley be reducing calories when cutting, I mean the food selection should not change, just portions…

OUCH, boy do I have a great perspective on dropping fat. I never cut my calories, I keep the same eating patterns year round, well they were pretty offline early this year then were fixed, but always ate maintance or attempted. I just changed my workout routines and ran more, worked for me.

Da Boxer

The whole “cottage cheese is bad” thing has come up lately because certain people are reporting poor fat loss results in their cutting cycles. When they’ve listed what they’re eating, cottage cheese and fruit seemed to be the two things people have latched onto as being potential culprits.

This is most likely due to the fact that some people don’t tolerate dairy well (I can eat buttloads of cheese without problem, but milk will make me fat real quick), and others can only tolerate very small amounts of fruit (liver glycogen stores, etc.). I imagine that’s where all of this started.

But Timbo my man, that’s what we have MAG-10 and Hot-Rox for. Plus, it’s just downright fun to play games with your body… at least for me it is.

I understand not everyone can mentally do drastic cutting periods, a la Fat Fast or something similar with minimal carb intake. I can. But that’s why my name’s Machine right? I see food as fuel and I can handle essentially no food for short periods of time. While it’s probably not the healthiest thing in the world to do, it sure as heck lets your body dump a lot of fat fast. But again, its something I would only recommend to the advanced, strong disciplined person.