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Top Bond


So what bond movie and what bond character do you think was the best of all time? ALso feel free to state your feeling on the new james bond movie. I thought this one was actually one of the worst even though it wasn't bad.


Plenty O'Toole

But when I start thinking about it, I like a lot of Bondgirls.

And Jaws.
He is fucking cool.


Also there was some East-German (?) assasin in one movie
but I can't remember which one.
I remember a scene where he kills a milkman and steals his truck.
A blonde dude.

Does anyone remember him?


I'm ready for a black bond



Bond has got to be BRITISH

a black bond could be interesting though


There are black people in Britain!



Moonraker was a kickass movie. The longer you watch, the more ridiculous it gets. Perfect.

I always liked Roger Moore a lot as Bond. Timothy Dalton was okay, and I always thought Connery was overrated, especially after seeing other Bonds through the years.


Red Grant? Her Majesty's Secret Service.


Maybe it was Kreigler? For Your Eyes Only.


You better watch out, that guy throws fucking motorcycles at people. I always thought that was kind of odd, this guy is in the movie for all the 10 minutes and then all of the sudden he throws a 400lbs motorcycle 200 yards. That's almost as big a WTF as the Diamonds are Forever car switch.

Anyway, best Bond is Connery, best villain is Goldfinger, best henchman is Jaws, and best bond girl is Pussy Galore. And anyone who thinks otherwise is full of shit.


From Russia with Love. The whole movie just reeked "Bond".

I loved Pussy Galore. Not only does the name make me giggle, but she was one seductive lady.


Changing the source material is a sure fire way to fuck tings up.

Even if they did decide to change the race given by Fleming, anyone but Diddy.


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Thanks VanderLaan but it's not the one I had in mind
It's in a later movie, end 80's beginning 90's

Thanks anyway


The Milkman was in The Living Daylights.


some really good stuff here, i like golden eye alot and odd job. IS it just me or does it seem that as the bond movies go on bond himself gets tougher. I mean in the begining he was kind a of a gentlemen and as the movies get newer he is still bond but with a little more bad ass.


The only bond movies that I have not seen are the ones with Timothy Dalton. Any good?


As far as henchmen goes Grace Jones tops my list. She is the only one that scared me when I was a kid.


Licence to kill with Dalton was good, though I find him the weakest Bond.

My favourite's Roger Moore- double smooth bastard in the Spy who Loved Me (also incredible intro).