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Top Biotest Purchaser



Top purchaser of Biotest products (which says it's an individual, not a store) is $494,498.75

The most expensive product ever made was 11-T at about $100 a pop. So even if that's all they purchased and let's say it was available for the say 15 years Biotest has been around (have no idea how long Biotest has been around)...

This person has been spending $33,000 a year for 15 years or using up 330 bottles of 11-T a year for 15 years.


Does this person eat food? I wanna see pics of what this rich bastard looks like.


Lots of people buy extra supplements from Biotest and then sell to their friends.


u jelly?


That's why I think it's a store or maybe a trainer selling to all his clients and such. Places like Canada don't sell Biotest in store. I thought about it many a time stocking and selling the stuff to my clients as they already order regularly.


I suspect you...

Makes since to when you can do "bulk" buys and save afew dollars.


Gotta be some sort of retail involved, even if it is listed as an individual. I've been using Biotest supps for over a decade now, and even though I use a hell of a lot more of their stuff than I used to, I doubt I come anywhere near the top.



last I check top person was mid 50s. Definitely a store or a trainer.


i dont think their lists are anywhere near accurate. I am a level 4 but all i buy is Flameout every month. I have tried other stuff.. original Surge, HOT-ROX, myoblast, Alpha Male, protein, i bought the big bottle of the real MAG-10 when it was being taken off the market etc. But that was just a couple bottles of each over years. I don't see how that could make me a level 4. I don't spend hundres of dollars on supplements every month.


I imagine there's a big disparity between you and the top purchaser, there's probably an obvious line in the sand somewhere in the datafield.


Why would you assume the statistics on this website are 100% accurate?? In some rare instances, they are far from it. I dunno, maybe someone did buy that much, but i've bought a couple thousand tops and I'm a level 4 for over a year.


Well, the slope is very steep ... at one point i was in the top 25 i think my total purchases were around $30000 ... and yes i consumed every damn bit of it ... i have no idea now and at one point i think the records got all fucked up because my join date is not accurate nor is my purchase record. I was on the site teh first month they started it. I pretty much live on Biotest products but not the fancy crap. jsut tons of Metabolic Drive/Flameout/creatine/HOT-ROX/ thats the staple set anyway.


I too was on the site the 1st month is launched, and had been addicted to it since then.

When it comes down to it, supplementation can be thought in two ways: 1. As an adjunct to your normal solid food diet....or 2. As a real integrated approach to one's diet.

Why would someone want to replace whole food with supplements? In my experience, I am finding that my body actually absorbs proteins better when I use protein powders like Metabolic Drive or MAG-10 than whole food protein sources. Really. And there is less digestive load on my body when I do this. So...for me, roughly HALF my total protein intake comes in the form of supplementation. It has been an outstanding approach for me.

Of course one has to feel confident in the protein source....and over time I have come to trust Biotest products. I have tried literally every single protein supplement out there at one time....and from a satiety standpoint and digestive tolerance standpoint, Biotest products simply agree with me. So that's why I'm a "5"....my nutritional plan depends upon Biotest at this time.

For those who think it is ridiculously expensive to do things this way, let me tell you.....my old whole food eating costs in the past was WAY more expensive than the current nutrition plan I'm on these past several years. And I'm just as healthy if not more so.


They should have a separate level for people that do bulk buys for non-site members. Call it "Level Bulk." Then the rest of us real buyers that only buy for ourselves will be on a fair playing field for the top spot.


is there some sort of reward system/discount or benefit for higher level customers ?




Seemingly one of the most obsure first posts of all time




Excellent point. Last week I was stocking up at TJ's and noticed new price tags everywhere. I don't keep track of the price of everything, but according to my memory, it looked like prices were jumping 10-20% on many items. Same thing with some of the food items at Costco. Costco's dog food has doubled in 3 years or so. I think this is part of the effect of the massive inflationary policies the Fed has been following.

Now I have not done the math so I might be wrong, but I don't think food supplements have risen in price as much as a lot of other foods. This leads to the idea that supplements, like say MAG-10 as a protein source, could end up being a more cost-efficient protein source for building/maintaining muscle, if you could calculate how many servings are needed to build a pound of muscle for example.

Also, time is money...if you can achieve a certain result faster with a supplement than with supermarket foods, at my age that's worth something.


theres a u.k site that exclusively sells Biotest products, and monstersupplements over here sell a few pf their products as well, could be one of them.


LOL. I wasn't aware there was a competition. It may be only a matter of time before enough people order Indigo-3G to push me and my measly Metabolic Drive purchases out of level 4. I'm using supplements much more as supplements these days.