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Top 5 Weightlifting Injury Videos


This is not for the squeamish. It made me want to never work out anymore ever.



The bench press one was a shock to me. How could one even lose grip pressing like that?

I have seen the video with the kid fainting before, and that was just plain shocking.

Nevertheless, always use good form and don't get over confident with the # of plates!!!!!!!!


the one where the guys leg just snaps is just plain wrong.made my leg go numb...


Ugh. Just watched it again. I think I'm going to throw up now.


Ouch! That was kinda disturbing. Watching exersizes that I do expecially. I'll have to be conscious of what can happen. ..... OUCH!


Hmm not too bad. The only thing is for those people who think too much now, it might happen to them lol.


Surprised the squatter who blows his ass out wasn't on there...

I've never actually seen that one, anyone got a link?


I REALLY want to see this also.

Blowing your own ass while squatting must involve a great deal of flexibility & strength.

mmm.. ass


It looks like he had his thumb on the same side as the rest of his fingers. Overgripped, instead of under.


Thats got to be a myth? I have never found a valid picture or video of that.


A gym buddy of mine had 385 slip out of his hands on a thumbless grip on the bench. It hit him just below the throat on the very top of his chest. He went to the ER, if it had been two inches higher it would have crushed his throat. It did burst all the blood vessels in his eyes. That was pretty freaky for a while until it healed.


Was never any video of it. Likely because is doesn't seem to have actually happened.