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Top 5 Things You Hate To Do....

during the first 3 days after leg day

#5 picking up the pen you dropped on the floor

#4 stairs

#3 squating down on the toliet to take a dump

#2 getting in/out of your car which is low enough to the ground to be a go-kart

#1 sex. not that I would know, but I can imagine it would hurt

add to the list, T-men

Here is my list of the 5 worst…

#5. Making the walk up the hill from the gym.

#4. Walking to the gym the next day for the upperbody workout.

#3. Climbing up to the top bunk in my dorm room.

#2. Getting of the couch to answer the phone.

#1. Finding a way to wash my legs in the shower in the community bathrooms in the dorms…i dont know who else has to experience that…but they are showers made for a half of a person.

#1 Sex? No way, just let her ride you. :slight_smile:

#5 standing up after being at the computer for a while

#4 practing my single leg

#3 Thai kicks on the pads

#2 walking to class

#1 something dangerous comes in your direction and you jump to avoid it. It doesn’t hurt immediately but 10min or so afterwards this hellish sensation just SUCKS.

  1. Putting on socks

  2. Hopping into my truck

  3. Snowboarding

  4. Climbing on a ladder

  5. Stretching out before I go to bed

Running a mile on those rubber legs right after the workout

Walking up/down stairs to get to my classes

Trying to tie your shoes the morning after the workout

  1. Wash out my shakers after they have sat for more than 3 days with dried Grow! remains in them.

  2. Having some idiot chew your ear off between sets.

  3. Pop-ups.

  4. Go out to the bars with my friends RIGHT after my workout.(Hey JB, how is beer as a PWO drink?)

  5. Ab training!!! I hate crunches!!!

  1. getting outa my car.

  2. getting outa my car.

  3. getting outa my car.

  4. getting outa my car.

  5. and uh…getting outa my car.

Pilates class while trying to look effortless and at ease in front of 20-30 little coeds prying eyes.

  1. Waking up

  2. Going to work

  3. Standing up

  4. Sitting down (especially on the toilet)

  5. Rugby practice, and uh fat chicks

Just one real nasty one for me: going down stairs. OUCH! Hurts much more than climbing stairs.

#1. The fact that I will have to wait 5 more days to squat again.