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Top 5 Supps: Health vs Perfomance


Not sure if any of these have been done lately, and since a few new ones are out. But, let's split them up for health and separate for performance (sports, muscle gain, fat loss).

Fish oil

Protein powder
fish oil


I would replace Z-12 with ala for health


in that regard, you could replace ala with Receptormax (which would have been my alternative to Z-12), then again Receptormax is a mix of several different healthy supplements, not sure that's fair, but I guess it would be.


1.) Fish Oil
2.) Quality Greens-type powder (Superfood, etc)
3.) Vitamin D
4.) ECGc (Green-tea extracted catechins)
5.) Cinnamon and Tumeric (OK, that makes 6 for health)

1.) Protein Powder
2.) BCAA when in caloric deficit
3.) Beta Alanine
4.) Creatine
5.) R-ala (this could go under health as well as performance)


1.) Viagra
2.) Cialis
3.) Extenze
4.) Whatever sex pill your local gas station sells at the counter
5.) Anything sold on a late night infomercial



Lol, male sexual enhancement pills are good for weight lifting to be honest. They all claim things that us weight lifters want (increased performance, stamina, blood flow etc..)


1.) Fish Oil
2.) Greens (powder)
3.) Vitamin D
4.) Vitamin C (2 grams per day in 1 gram doses)
5.) Melatonin

1.) Protein Powder
2.) Creatine
3.) Caffeine
4.) Vitamin D
5.) Zinc/Magnesium complex with B6 for digestion (take before bed)


I'm going to stick my neck out and ask what's probably a retarded question. Is it necessary to supplement with fish oil pills if I eat fatty fish (mackerel, salmon, etc....) regularly?


Probably still a good idea as it is very hard to get the necessary amounts of EPA and DHA from normal fish, not to mention that the inaccessibility of free range fish means that very often you will have to rely on farmed fish, which have even lower levels of EPA and DHA. Also, if you were eating enough fish to get your Omega 3's, then I would watch my mercury levels.


Depends upon your goals and needs.

But, in general I would say it would be hard to meet health needs from just fish alone.

Most people would benefit with about 3,000 mg of EPA/DHA daily, not sure what that translates into with just eating fish, but you way want to buy a fishing boat :wink:


Understood. Thanks for the advice guys.


since everyone seems to mention it, which brand vit d3 do you guys use?


doesn't really matter. just make sure it's a softgel.


Why a softgel? I use the nature made pills


Vitamin C
Protein Powder
Fish Oil
Organic Coffee
Vitamin D

Vitamin C
Protein Powder
Fish Oil
Tie: Organic Coffee/Creatine

I've had phenomenal results having Charles Poliquin as one of my main guidelines for strength & conditioning/diet. My selection is largely based on his teachings, hence:5g Vitamin C a day, double the amount if doing multiple workouts, 30-45 g fish oil, 1-2g protein per lb of BW, etc.


It most definitely does. Numerous D brands have been tested to contain less than the label claim.

Go with Carlson's


5g of Vitamin C a day?

also, how long have you been doing 30-45g fish oil? Thought extended time with high amounts can depress the immune system?



That's my five. An awesome diet is better than any supplement on the market. The only pill I take now is fish oil.


Just curious, how did organic coffee make your list?


5g is recommended for high bouts of stress, so w/ high intensity workouts & all the other shit life can throw at you, I take this amount. I consider myself to be doing fairly well w/ this daily routine, I get sick every 1 year or 1.5years.

Ive been following the 30-45g fish oil intake since mid 2008. But not EVERYDAY, when I feel I should go on a food splurge or deload(which is occasionally) I usually go w/ 0-7g.