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Top 5 Supps for BBing: Cost Per Day

We’ve seen the threads about your favorite supplements, but someone made note of how much the new Receptor product is per day. It got me to thinking, based upon average cost per day how would you rate the following supps?

Now granted, some I think should be more focused on general health (Rez-V, Superfood, etc), while others are mainly for BBing. So, let’s focus on their BBing effects.
Here’s a breakdown (yes, I have too much time)

11-T $1.86 (based on buying 2 bottles and a bottle lasting 2 months with “off” time), it’s really not that expensive per day compared to a lot of supps here

Superfood $1.33

Receptor $2.8

Rhodiola Rosea $1.33

Z-12 (at 2 pills per night) $1.50

Flameout $1.33

ZMA $0.50

Leucine $1.00

Metabolic Drive (avg 2 servings daily) $2.00

Surge (4 workouts per week) $1.10

Beta-7 $1.67

BCAAs (tough to call here, about 12 pills/day avg) $1.33

HOT-ROX $1.50

Alpha Male $1.67

Rez-V $1.83

Creatine $0.13

That’s the breakdown, what’s your top 5 BBing ones taking into account cost?

Here’s mine:

Creatine 13 cents per day
ZMA 50 cents per day
Flameout $1.33 per day
Metabolic Drive at $2.00 per day
11-T (I’m an 11-T fan, but I’m a bit surprised that I would list this over Surge) at $1.86 per day. I saw more immediate benefit from 11-T and let’s face it, in a pinch you can use ingredients in Surge less costly where as 11-T is very unique

How in hell is Beta-7 1.67/day? It’s 50$/180 tabs. 180 tabs lasts me 2 months. I think 3-4 grams is enough/day for most people, so really it’s about half the price you listed.

Flameout, ZMA, Creatine, Surge, BCAA’s (these are fast becoming a favorite sup for me.)

Rhodiola Rosea, Beta-7 and Z-12 are also fantastic. Superfood and Rez-V are nifty.

Cottage Cheese = Metabolic Drive, which makes it a LOT more easily replaceable than Surge.

I’m just going by the recommended dose of Beta-7. 6 pills/day will last a month.

and personally, cottage cheese is gawd awful :wink:

“As a dietary supplement, take one or two tablets three times per day, six to eight hours apart. For best results, take continuously for a minimum of four weeks.”

In my mind, for every 50 pounds past 150 pounds, add a gram.

Cottage cheese is actually OK if you toss in a scoop of Metabolic Drive and some splenda. Mighty Stu recommended this in another thread on here, and I’m loving the resulting mixture. I sometimes do cottage cheese + splenda + Superfood, also pretty good. Up next is 99% dark chocolate + splenda + cottage cheese. Cottage cheese, btw, can be replaced with lean farmer’s cheese, which also has a high protein content!

  1. Waxy Maize + BCAA (Peri-workout; about 100g)
  2. BETA-7
  3. Leucine (about 20g/ day)

These are simple and effective. Beta-7 allows you to workout more and the peri-workout mixture + leucine allow you to recover more.

More Muscle Stimuli + More Recovery = More muscle

11-T and Receptor promise a lot and cost a lot, I cant lay in an opinion as I have not used them. ( Jehova… how did 11-T go?)

I remember this past summer I was doing a cycle of some old PH’s I have and was consuming approx. 12 pills of Bev. Intl. BCAA 4-6 x a day!!!

Not cheap. But effective.

I like to justify my supplements by the fact that most of my actual food is purchased in bulk (believe me, I’ve thought many many times about what I spend to eat for my physique). I usually only stick to the most basic stuff, but occassionally have marveled at how many pills I find myself popping throughout the day -lol.


11-T is the shizzle!

Nice list, jehovasfitness. I appreciate the time you took to break down the cost per day. It’s definitely interesting when you look at each supplement that way.

It’s kind of funny how 11-T doesn’t look so expensive when you break it down on a cost per day basis and it actually looks like it’s probably one of the better bang for your buck supplements based on the feedback I’ve heard from those that have tried it.

How much Metabolic Drive are you guys consuming (e.g., how many tubs per month) on average?

I need to whittle down a list of supplements to maybe 3 or 4. I’m thinking:

Metabolic Drive
Carbolin 19
Superfood (maybe)

Waiting to hear about people’s experiences with Receptormax…

that is of course taking into account, that I’m counting off time, obviously if you don’t want to consider off time, then you would double the daily price.

I did this a while back and was surprised. As far as cost goes:

  1. creatine- can’t beat the results for $.13/day

  2. Flameout- I did a big fish oil comparison a while ago, to get that amount of DHA/EPA you’d be spending around $2/day with most brands, and something like 12-16 pills.

  3. Surge- I love it, period.

  4. Superfood- just because for a lil over a buck a day I can help make up for all the veggies I miss out on. I’m pretty bad about getting my fruits and veggies in…

  5. Metabolic Drive. A lil over $1 a serving makes it awesome for literally everything- homemade protein bars, shakes, added to oats, protein pudding, i put this stuff on almost everything.

I really want to try Receptormax, but at close to 3 bucks a day i’m not sure how thats gonna go over…