Top 5 Sports Nutrition Books?

I know there have been discussions before. I am looking to propose to my supervisors funding for some books on nutrition. They will be used in assisting police recruits and officers at the academy. If there were 5 books you could buy on nutrition to work with a wide range of clients, what would they be?

Precision Nutrition, by John Berardi. I guess it’s not exactly a book, but it’s definitely a great resource, especially for those who do not have a background in nutrition. Also, Berardi has a list of nutrition books that he recommends on his site. You can find the list here:

great link thanks!

Nutrient Timing…I can’t remember the author though…simple but fantastic book

Hands down, Precision Nutrition. If you have some extra cash, jump on this immediately. As much info as JB shares through his articles here, I guarantee you’ll still pick up a lot. The seminar DVD’s are awesome, and the PN forum has a wealth of info.

Once Joel’s book comes out this spring, that will have to be up there too. Also, while not a general diet book, Lyle McDonald’s Ultimate Diet 2.0 is a great read as well.

Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism by Sareen S. Gropper, Jack L. Smith & James L. Groff

The Testosterone Advantage Plan by mens health. It talks about their theories of the low fat diet myth, and how detremental it is to eat a low fat diet. For everybody who is about to scream because I just said that, hear me out, pick up the book, and hear them out too. It makes perfect sense.

Before making an assumption, understand that their theories are based on simple thinking such as the fat that is in peanut butter and almonds is not the same as the stuff that is in donuts and ding dongs.
It also talks about how inefficient the food pyramid is. Exellent read.