Top 5 Most Competive Powerlifting Weight Classes?

220 (because of the famous Ed Coan)
198 (because of Jesse Norris)
308 (Eric Lillebridge is tearing up this weight class)

Does anyone else beg to differ?

Competetive in what regards? Raw lifting, single ply or multiply. Also are you asking who is most competitive in this classes or which classes are most competitive?

Most competitive raw in these classes imo
198 - belayeev/ Norris
220 - dan green/ Kevin okolie
242 - dan green
275 - zahir kudayarov (spelling)
308 - Eric lilliebridge

Supe heavy would be andrey malanichev

the 83kg class was really nice this year with Gibbs vs Hack

the dan green weight class is nice too, for example last year at RUM 8 Jeremy Hamilton beat him

I think that the best thing is when Zahir, Eric and Andrey are at the same meet and just push the records.

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As far as, “I’m going to a local meet and I’m wondering what the most difficult weight class to win is” kind of most competitive my understanding is that’s going to be the 181’s and the 198’s just because not as many people are going to be lighter or heavier.

Raw, and I thought bayllev competes at 220. And I meant both.

Here in Australia for raw 198, 220 and 242. There are strong dudes in the 165, 181, 275 and 308 too, but fewer than in those three I mentioned.

You need at least 1540 to qualify for first round of invitations to GPC Australia nationals in the 220s, around 1430 in the 198s and around 1650 in the 242s last I looked. I know those aren’t huge totals, but they’re not something you can just phone in either.