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Top 5 Fights of 2011


This done by Gorilla Productions - just some guy who makes HBO look like amateurs.

I agree with this list.


I heard HBO has been trying to get his account shut down for a long time now.

Maybe instead of expending so much effort on shutting down a guy who makes videos free of profit, they should just give him a job.

Hell, he's made boxing look better than anyone at HBO has in a long time.


I would've put Ortiz vs Berto at number 1, but that's just me.


I've been saying that forever. Imagine what that dude could do with HBO's resources.

Honestly, I probably would have made Ortiz Berto #1 also. And the Rios fight #2. But they're all interchangeable really. All great fights.

I would have put in Linares vs. Demarco, and maybe Wolak vs. Rodriguez as well.


sick fights, seemed there was a lot of southpaw vs orthodox fights in there


To be fair, making HBO look like amateurs can be done in your garage with a handicam, so long as you avoid zooming in on their faces. WTF HBO, I know you're going for a Pulitzer with the human-interest facial closeup, but can you confine that to the corner shot between rounds and SHOW ME THE FIGHTERS FUCKING FEET?

Asshat cameramen that know nothing about fighting should never be allowed to film fights. That shit happens in Olympic footage all the time too. They need to hire Fox's NFL editors, those guys get fired if you can't see the entire play develop from your living room.


maidana is the most entertaining boxer...love his style


LOL. I do agree, they never, ever show the whole fighter enough.

But as far as the 24/7's are concerned, and the other promos, they do the best job with cinematography that I've ever seen.


Great watch. Mind- blowing fights.

I remember staying up late to watch Ortiz vs Berto. Those two hungry powerful fighters kept me on the edge of my seat. I still can't get over Berto's face expression the first time he gets knocked down. He was like ''WTF???!!'' Haha! Can't wait for the rematch.

Erik Morales is just one hell of a warrior. I love his style.