Top 5 Favorite Compounds?

  1. Test - the foundation of all things male
  2. HGH
  3. Masteron
  4. Anavar
  5. Cialis

I run all of these pretty much year round except for Anavar. That one, I save for blasts.

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You run masteron year round? Just for the anti estrogen purposes or any other reason?

Brother, let me introduce you to the joys of Masteron LOL

Better libido, better erections, better muscle hardness and vascularity, and of course E2 mitigation. I’m not running blast levels, just 100 mg/week. I would like to do more but my mast concentration is only 100 mg/ml so it would take several mls/week to get the 300 to 400 mg I’d like and mast is one of the more expensive steroids out there.

I’ve introduced a couple of gym buddies to mast and now they’re running with their TRT too.

  1. Testosterone
  2. Anavar
  3. Primo
  4. Anavar
  5. Anavar

Thats interesting lol. I’ve never used it. I was planning on it for my men’s physique show but it got cancelled & I never started my competition cycle
Im gonna have to try it out sometime lol

You get a lot of size on var or just strength?

I just finished 6 weeks of 25mg Var plus 140mg Test and gained 6 lbs, look leaner, and strength went up every workout, while on a slight calorie deficit. It’s a new favorite for sure. Can’t wait to use it in a blast.

I haven’t experimented with too many other AAS to add to that list, I’ve used dbol a couple times but I really don’t like the water weight and bloat, just ruins your physique in my opinion. I hated clen when I tried it, never using that again.

The strength is unreal when you consider how low (or in my case nonexistent) the side effects are. As far as size, if you don’t expect too much from it then you might not be let down. I think it’s the perfect drug for guys on trt to use twice a year to add a little extra muscle without the headache of managing e2.

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Proviron - AI like + libido
NPP - joints

Top 5: Test-Obviously
Deca-Huge growth, roundness in delts and chest like no other, doesn’t bloat me like
some other people.
Masteron-Dryness and hardness, works fast.
Dbol-Best thing for breaking through strength plateaus. Would like to try injectable.
BPC 157- Not a steroid obviously, but great for injury recovery.

 Meh:  Tren-Not a fan honestly..  Deca is better for growing, 
Mast for  "aesthetics"/cutting.  Messes with sleep.  Don't foresee using it again. 
Just not that useful.
 EQ:  Terrible.  Ran it high and long (1g+ for 3 months)  didn't see shit. 
 Could be bad gear but not willing to give it another shot.  
 Anadrol:  Headaches, yes, heartburn yes, gains?  Nope. 
 I'll stick with DBol.
  1. Test Cyp… prop hurts like a bear
  2. Masteron
  3. Anavar
  4. Dbol
  5. Cialis… wicked pumps and erections

I’ve never found test prop to be painful even when pinning every day. Maybe I just got lucky. Do you find viagra has the same effect as cialis?

For my money test PP is the best ester out there. Longer HL than prop, pain free, easy to make changes if need be.

Would you say proviron can do the same?

What about hair loss?

Supposedly, proviron is oral masteron. So maybe.

As for hair loss, I have not seen a significant problem. I’m 55 and not really prone to male pattern baldness.

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Exactly mine except Prop in place of Cyp and haven’t tried dbol. The only other things I’ve used were winstrol (which I wouldn’t use again) and EQ which I did when I was young and retarded so doesn’t really count.

Do you remember that parody where they had Sr women with firm tits from boob jobs and Sr men with walking boners from Viagra ? I can start to see you on one of those skits. Gonna be 80 yrs old walking around flexing guns with a raging hardon. Hopefully pants on.

This is my dream retirement! LOL

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