Top 5 Arm Exercises

INCLINE DUMBBELL BICEPS CURL: Increasing the ROM and mechanical disadvantage with the incline bench forces the biceps to work much harder than traditional seated or standing curls. Simply, the larger ROM + greater stretch on the muscle = more hypertrophy. Do 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps. Emphasize a slow negative each rep.

ISO PRONE DUMBBELL BICEPS CURL: Alternating arms each rep, leave the non-working arm up in an isometric hold to maximize time under tension. Essentially, you keep tension on both biceps for the entire set. Try 3-4 sets of 16-20 reps (8-10 reps each arm).

WEIGHTED TOWEL CURLS/GUN WALKS: If you like hammer curls you’ll love these. The towel curl not only smokes the biceps, but also the brachialis and forearm muscles, leaving you with a total-arm pump. Do 2-3 sets to rep failure or until you reach failure for time/distance on the gun walks.

CHIN-UPS: Chin-ups lay the FOUNDATION for big, strong, and functional biceps.

LEGLESS ROPE CLIMB: I half-jokingly refer to this exercise as “bodyweight biceps curls” because that’s essentially what a legless rope climb requires you to do. They’re not just meant for gymnasts. Anyone can do them if they’re reasonably lean and develop the REQUISITE strength first. No other exercise offers your arms a superior stimulus for both size AND strength.

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