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Top 5 Anabolic Foods/Meals


Thought we could have a post new years Top 10 type post so that people can get re-focused on their diets along with thier workout strategy. I'll List mine and give a little description. You can just list your top 10, or you can add in why, or even how you prepare them.

1) 12-16oz NY Stip Steak(grass fed if possible), Grilled with 1/2 cup white rice and 2 cups frozen Mixed Veggies steamed. If I wanted to cut I'd just remove the white rice. Simple, Tastty, and covers all your basis. This is a staple meal, you can eat it 3 or more times per week and it's not going to get boring or redundant. It might get expensive depending on what deals you can get on the steak.

2) Chicken Stir Fry. I make homeade stir fry, including my own hoisen sauce. And I keep the meat to everything else ratio very high. I usually start with 2 very large chicken breasts and chop them into cubes. I pour a little veg oil in the pan and fry them up. Start the rice cooker and throw in a couple servings of bismati white rice. Once the chucken is fried nicely, I grab a bag of frozen stri fry veggies and throw them in the pan with a bag of hoisen sauce I have already made and frozen in small baggies.

A local hannaford grocery store has some nice stir fry blends in thier frozen veg departments. I prefer ones with snap peas and water chestnuts but I usually switch it up from time to time. Then you just cover and stir occasionally until the veggies get hot and tender and scoop some rice and scoop the meat & veggie mix onto the rice. Lots of protein again, Tasty, loaded with a wide array of veggies, control the carbs by how much rice you put on the plate to start with.

3) Super Taco Night. Another meal in which you can add a lot of flavor and other nutrients and also control carbs. Get some lean ground beef 85%-90% and fry it up in a pan. While it's cooking, get your cutting board out and grab the staples, an onion, a tomatoe, lettuce and shredded cheese.

I also like to cut up and avacado, get some cour cream and get some sliced black olives and dice them up. Then dice everything up and put it into little piles or small bowls or whatever. Add your seasoning to the taco meat. You don't need to buy a taco kit, they are expensive. They sell larger sprinkle cans of the seasoning mix and you can just buy flour or corn tortillas in resealable packs for a dollar. A

lso you can buy the burrito size tortillas and make some killer burritos with the same ingredients. One thing that really helps with taco night is taco stands. Tacos night is annoying if you have to make one at a time or you try leaning them up against eachother and they keep falling over and spilling all the goodies out. Go online and invest in some nice taco holders. Taco night will become a staple for you too. This one can get a little on the high carb side. If your trying to go lower carb, Do one large burrito shell and stuff that baby with as much as you can, this will increase the meat to carb ratio.

4) Chili. I use a modification of JB's chili. In reality, your just throwing meat, tomatoes, beans and any veggies you think will add texture or flavor to the mix and boiling it with hot spices. This is good because you can freeze it and have many meals out of one large batch. It freezes and thaws nice. Some key spices to think about. Chili Powder, Cumin, Celery Seed. From there I adjust the heat with tobasco, red pepper flakes and fresh hot peppers. I usually just do 2-3 Jalepanos, it makes a decently hot but edible chili.

I also like to have a good amount of beans in there, I do a couple cans of red, black, white etc... Watever looks good on the shelf I grab a couple and throw em in. Some staple veggies I love to throw in, Bell peppers, onions, garlic, carrots. Again, Make sure you are using a lot of ground beef and or ground pork, chiucken turkey, etc... expirament, but you will be ahrd pressed to make it too meaty, so go overboard on the meat. 2lbs should be a starting point, don't be afraid to go with 3.

5)Chicken quarters, rice and mixed Veggies. As you can tell, my preferred carb source is plain old white bismati rice. Chicken quarters on the bone or chicken halves, whatever you can get cheap at your local butcher or grocery store. Look around I'm sure you can find them very cheap. I'd suggest marinading the chicken, for a couple hours or overnight. I use a firemans recipie which is easy and cheap. you can find it online or PM me and I'll share. Bake the chciken, cook the rice in your rice cooker and steam the veggies (or microwave). Good protein, cheap, easy prep, good nutrient spread. Control carbs with rice etc...

Ok add some of your staple/top recipies and lets get it done in the weightroom and in the kitchen.


  1. A big T-bone Steak and potatoes. Steak is is marinated and grilled on charcoal (only way to go IMO). Potatoes are cubed and fried up with some ranch seasoning.

  2. Dozen eggs and two glasses of milk. Cheap and lots of quality calories.

  3. Pound of hamburger with a quart of chocolate milk. Good for Post workout.

  4. Volumized Pizza. Basically a pound of any type of meat on a pizza, very good.

  5. Toaster strudels. Best pre workout ever.

Anything with a lot of saturated fat gets me going, I just feel "right".


damn those tacos sound good!


Get some taco stands and induldge my good man of the cave.



Nice thread V. I also enjoy the chili


agreed on the saturated fat. whenever I eat a fatty piece of meat, like pork or something, I just feel like my test is going through the roof, lol. it's weird. probably one of my favorite dinners is:

two 6-oz pork
2 cups of sweet potato fries
1-2 cups broccoli w/ olive oil


great thread
my top cheap and quick to prepare/eat in college

  1. 6-12 eggs scrambled, once you plate it dump tons spices or hot sauce. Add it to 1-2 packets ramen noodles and vegetables. Goes down so unbelievably easy and cooks fast

  2. a banana with cinnamon or cocoa powder along with a huge scoop of PB, chug with milk

  3. most indian, mexican, or italian food my mom makes

  4. frozen spinach ravioli from costco microwave for a few min, then add cheese, sauce, oil etc, great PWO and macros aren't too bad

  5. all you can eat caf food, focus on healthy stuff

always add beans, EVOO, and/or cheese to a dish
spices and hot sauce make everything go down easy


Example of said volumized pizza, I eat one when i feel a wall coming up in my training. Forgot the macros on it, but it was a lot of everything lol.


oh man, sweet potato fries fuck my shit up... baked w/ canola oil, kosher salt and a little cayenne


Recipe for the fries? I'm sure i could look it up, but you guys have been through the trial and error already.



Fuck, you are from upstate.


That sounds awesome, but i'd go with beef (prime new york strip) and baked sweet potato with butter (probably both the beef and butter would be grass-fed organic). Broccoli would be steamed and then drizzled with organic EVOO. Pop a couple FA3 and some Flameout along with some Superfood in a large glass of iced green tea/tulsi sweetened with lohan (not Lindsay), Stevia, and erythriol. Throw in some Rez-V and then inject 200 mg of any daily injectable testosterone. After the meal Drink 2 servings of Surge. That would be the most anabolic meal possible.


its really as easy as it sounds... here's how i do it:

  1. cut into FRIES (not that potato wedge bullshit)
  2. toss and coat in canola (or other neutral flavored oil)
  3. toss and coat in kosher salt (i'm a salt fiend so use your best judgement)
  4. (optional) light dusting of ground cayenne
  5. preheat OVEN AND BAKING PAN to 400F
  6. once preheated spread out fries evenly on sheet
  7. bake for 30 mins (flip half way through to make crispy)


Sweet deal, thanks man.


Good recipes and all, but do you really want all those re-focusers crowding up the grocery aisles now in addition to the commercial gyms?


damn looks good....you use a frozen pizza to make this?


The most anabolic thing you can eat is the following that I use for a cheat meal about 2x a week

2 lbs of boneless wings, yep 2lbs of meat and bread and sauce
1 lb of fries
2 liter of sprite

Gets ya swoleeeee

HAHAHA, I really eat this a few times a week, and it really helps keep my weight up.


Yeah, just brown and season the meat then put it on top of the frozen medium pizza. I like to layer the cheese on the meat.

1500 calories
100g protein
70g carbs
85g fat


On a cycle right now. weight about 250 9%BF how much fat can I take a day?


Oatmeal gets no love?

1 cup oatmeal with handful of dried cranberries cooked in water add light brown sugar, 14 cup sliced almonds 2 tbs chopped walnuts 1/4 tsp vanilla extract, 1/4 tsp cinnamon 1/4 tsp grated nutmeg mix and put in bowl with milk add coconut flakes and cut up strawberries and milk