Top 3 Things I've Learned from T-mag

I thought it would be fun and perhaps inspirational if we all listed the top three lessons we have taken away from reading T-mag. For TWO years now, waiting with anticipation for the latest issue has been part of my Friday afternoon ritual. I’m sure many of you started out getting your lifting information from ridiculous magazines or even more ridiculous personal trainers. I remember how I used to get excited when a new article about abs would come out in Men’s Health. How far I have come in my knowledge about weight training over the past two years is almost unthinkable. And really, all I had to do was have a desire to educate myself. T-mag has provided all of us with some unbelievably effective tools for training, dieting, and supplementation. Sure, a Biotest commercial continuously runs in the background…at times without us even noticing because it’s become ingrained in our subconscious minds…BUT, the thing I like is that they don’t even pretend it’s NOT a commercial. They say, “Yeah, please buy our products, but we appreciate your business and we aren’t just doing this for money, we’re doing it because we know what it’s like to be empowered by information. Like you, we know how gratifying it is to be able to push your body to new limits, so we’re gonna share what we know with you.” Well, I appreciate that, so I thought I would start this little thread as kind of a way of thanking Biotest and T-mag for inspiring me to examine the source of the information I’m being fed and for helping me finally be able to say that I feel better right now than I ever have. Anyone else feel that way?

My Top Three:
Your diet is gonna make or break your physique.
Any routine is only as effective as the time it takes for you to adapt to it.
That TC guy who writes the Atomic Dog column…that guy has got some serious issues. But his column is pretty damn entertaining.