Top 3 T-Nation Memebers You'd Pick to Lift with

Alright everyone,
I’ve been around for a while, actually created an acct jus’ so I could order some products. I rarely post, But I often ask myself… “who would I train with on the forums, if I could?”

So lets have some fun and hear everyones thoughts, and let this not turn into another typical T-Nation throwing stones thread.

Also, sorry but you cant choose CT, Shug, or JM. Otherwise everyone would have the same lists lol. With that said, I’ll go 1st!

(also my list is NOT in chronological order, I couldn’t do that, heres jus’ my overall top 3)

#1. Alpha- His numbers are superhuman, but his weight is NOT. I’ve torn apart his regimes left and right…and there is nothing truly outrageous or super secret about them.

I think what I’d like to learn from him, is his Mental State. Dude is Adamantine.

#2. Z-Raw- No surprise right? Not much to be said here, Prolly the closest thing to JM we can get. :slight_smile:

#3. Mr. Walkaway! Ok ok… I know, His words are sharp. BUT- so is his Knowledge on the plain of weights, and… “other” supplements. And in real life, you can tell he’s a “Get it done” type of guy, and would be a solid session.

Honorable mention Spock81. Jus’ read her blogs. You will NOT stop till you get to the end. Im pretty sure Im in love with you spock. If you ever wanna live in the Midwest and get married, Lemme know!

K, lets hear what you guys gta say.

In no particular order are three gentleman that I always read their posts. They provide well thought out opinions, maintain reasonable perspective on the subject matter at hand, and always a sense of politeness and reason.

-Chris Colucci
-Smashing Weights


Agreed on all accounts stu! Unfortunately its somewhat rare for guys to conduct themselves and maintain respect/politeness in these forums… one reason why I’m not on here a lot! Great list btw

oh, title changed to who we’d “like to lift with”… well, I have trained with Colucci, and we talked “shop” the entire time, so it was definitely a great time.

Not sure who I’d want to lift with,… have to come back to this thread later -lol


  1. Bauber - Just looks like a freak of nature, immense build, and well, yeah…that’s it I guess! Seems like a cool dude too.
  2. SteelNation - Crazy build, seems to be knowledgeable and I’m mirin’ his physique.
  3. RyanCXG (spelling?) - Would love to see his high volume sessions and no day’s off approach.

bauber, steelnation, zraw

Good thread op,I have to think about this one.A lot of good guys here I’d like to train with.

Prof X

Love their knowledge, their personalities, and their dedication.


Stu-Really humble and polite. Not to mention, he’s a real bodybuilder.
Bauber-Also really humble and polite. Huge.
Brick-Yet again, humble and polite. Well developed and lean.

Honorable mentions: Utah, Smashing, and ryanbCXG because they are also all really cool guys, it seems.
You can see a trend with the guys I’d like to lift with: they are all really humble/chill guys that don’t have superiority complexes but have achieved quite a lot.

Mr. Walkway - I think we would have quite a conversation as we seem to have a lot in common. (Saved my virginity for the girl I planned to marry. Was well into my 20’s before I lost the V card. Didn’t work out due to circumstances out of our control)

Zraw - From what I have seen I like his training style

Stu - Seems to be a bastion of knowledge. I know I would learn a lot as a fledgling.

Digitalairair (Frank Yang)
Meganewb (George Leeman)
Synergy (John Schlecht)

Hard to pick just three…I’d have to go with John Schlecht, Zraw, and Stu Yellin. I’d almost be star struck in a way to train with some of the guys on here. Chris Collucci would be great to train with too.

Mike Jenkins

Tons of honourable mentions…

Tough one. For me a good training partner is all about intensity. I don’t care for knowledge or how big or how strong or how humble he is. Think something like the Branch and JoJo match. Ok, being funny and not retarded would help as well for some good banter in between rest. To be honest, I don’t know who matches these criteria here on TN.

So I pick Antoine Vaillant. Yep, not on TN but don’t care.

FattyFat ofcourse, team Alpha.


Frank Yang

How great would that combination be?

If we are talking current members, my list would be:


Prisoner, Waylander, Paragon A

If any can’t make it due to busy schedule, jail time, or death… then, f#ck it, I’ll learn the vertically challenged leap with eliteballa3