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Top 3 Supplements

What are the top 3 supplements? I know number one is protein, but what are the next 2?

[quote]Hawkson101 wrote:
What are the top 3 supplements? I know number one is protein, but what are the next 2?[/quote]

  1. Creatine
  2. Tribulus
  3. flax/fish oil

Depends. How do you define supplements? What is the goal?

I’d say protein is a “food” and should already be a given in your diet. It’s not exactly a supplement anymore than “beef.”

If your goal is to lose BF, then something like HOT-ROX should be on the list.

You could get everyone here to list their Top Three supplements, but their criteria would be different. Have you got something specific in mind?

I would say good workouts, sunshine and good sex, really with #4 being getting a regular dose of good humor. I think with good diet you will produce more beneficial chemicals in the body then you can buy.

As for diet: Meat, eggs and a wide variety of non-starchy vegetables. And a low carb protein suppliment.

As for strict suppliments:

For the cost, M. Zinc. Lets say a good low carb protein suppliment and or postworkout suppliment.

Hey, whatever happened to vanadyl sulfate, CLA, and HMB? That was the ULTIMATE COMBO ten years ago.

[quote]Hawkson101 wrote:
What are the top 3 supplements? I know number one is protein, but what are the next 2?[/quote]

If your considering protein meal replacer like Low-Carb Grow! and a post work out drink such as Surge as supplements then they go to the top of the list for me cause I can’t live without them but I consider them part of my diet,the same with fish and flax oils.

My top three supplements are easy

Alpha Male(I mean come on who doesn’t need boosted T levels)

Maximum Strength HOT-ROX (for cutting)

ZMA(this is the staple for me…I take it no matter what I’m doing!)

I received my first order of Biotest products 2 weeks ago so now my top 3 supplements are:

  1. Surge
  2. Power Drive
  3. ZMA

Next time I will purchase Low-Carb Grow! (at the moment I’m using designer whey protein) and probably Grow! bars.

speaking of which, are we ever going to have Alpha Male back? I see the other stuff is back…
I was waiting to place my order to combine shipping, but I need Surge now, dammit!

my current goals are hypertrophy and weight gain.

supplements that come to my mind are fish oil capsules, flax seed oil creatine,

are these as beneficial as going out and buying some Power Drive type stuff?

For my workout:

  1. Spike
  2. Surge
  3. Low-Carb Grow!

General support:

  1. Multi + Selenium
  2. ZMA
  3. C, E, Co Q10, Green Tea, Garlick, Milk Thistle, Beta 1,3 Glucans


I’ve tried tribulus before, and except for noxious farts and burps, didn’t see any difference at all in strength, endurance or “drive”.

I haven’t tried TRIBEX though. For those of you who’ve tried both TRIBEX and non-Biotest tribulus, is there a difference? Should I give TRIBEX a shot before relegating tribulus to the “doesn’t work/works by placebo effect” category?

Alpha Male

bulk, cut and what ever cant live without it

Surge is back again, just placed an order

  1. Grow!
  2. Surge
  3. creatine

Gonna try spike when it gets here later this week, maybe it will crack the top 3

It doesn’t matter what your workout goal is–these three most imperative supplements, hands down:

  1. Multi-purpose protein powder
  2. Essential fat formula
  3. Post-workout formula