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Top 3 Reasons to Keep Lifting Weights

  1. Fear of looking as small as my frame dictates
  2. Fear of being weak
  3. Fear of looking like most guys my age. I’m almost 60.

  1. I love that every time someone I know moves house they ask me to help.
  2. I love that my nipples poke through every t shirt I own.
  3. I love constantly having to force feed myself.


There’s been a lot of talk around here lately about hip and shoulder health. A lot of the content is centralized on @FlatsFarmer’s log. It appears that these joint injuries are self inflicted and not a necessary evil of training. Lifting without correct alignment leads to injuries; however, it’s tough to notice you’re out of alignment until you’re in pain and start to look at mechanics. It’s easy for newbs to just start lifting (myself included) and exacerbate problems they didn’t know they had.

My reasons for training have been listed.

  1. Use it or lose it. Move against resistance through a full ROM or you’ll end up injured whether you train or not (see my sedentary sister-in-law).

  2. I like to go against the grain of what’s normal in American society (to a degree). Lifting and physique goals keep me from eating crap. I believe whole heartedly that American junk food leads to cancers. People are eating poison. If mold won’t attack your food then you shouldn’t eat it. (Another unrelated example of going against the grain is that I believe you should earn money before you spend it.)

  3. People seem to marvel at 60+ year olds who are lean, strong, and able bodied. I want to be one of those guys someday.


I learned all about it from reading about twojarslave getting better at bjj. Position and technique before strength. If you just goon through your training, it doesn’t work as well.

  1. I enjoy being asked, “Do you lift?” and then attempting to hide the pain this question causes my ego.

  2. I enjoy being asked, “Will you help my friend move?” and attempting to hide my hatred for moving

  3. I enjoy being asked, “How much can you bench?” and trying to justify why, “It isn’t a great measure of strength.” (Because I’m terrible at it.)

Edit: A close runner up: I love feeling like a giant fat ass, because the XL is either closer to a large, or closer to an XXL and I’m either shopping at baby gap or I look like I got lost in a tent.


Pretty funny quote from a really strong dude I know that went something along the lines of: “you could deadlift a fucking house and no one would give a shit, but how much ya bench?”.

As for my three reasons:

  1. I have the equipment
  2. I have the time
  3. I want the results

  1. Because it makes me happy :grin:
  2. Because it helps me not kill people. Which goes back to… it makes me happy😜
  3. Because I love the looks on people’s faces when they don’t think I can carry something and I whip it like nothing and say… No thanks I can get it… which makes me happy! :joy:

So, basically I only needed one reason.



  1. my child…i have a baby on the way (june11 due date) and i feel like being big, strong, healthy and somewhat athletic is important…not totally sure why

  2. strength…i like being strong, and all my friends call me the strong guy. I help people move all the time too. And i have been doing manual labor since i was 10. Drywall for the last 6.5 years…not only does it make you stronger but the stronger you are the more it helps

  3. health…i need to keep my shoulders healthy so i can keep on workin in my trade, but things like heart issues and diabetes and arthritis runs in my family…so keeping myself healthy is important


Unless The One decides to flatten me with a bus, I am going to be one of those guys in 3+ years, and I will be damn proud of it.

(I’m cyber stalking you today LOL!)



…Just give me One Goddam Reason…Love it.


Went to a family pre-xmas get together. The place we were having this had a half trolley/half wheelbarrow type thing in the yard which a bunch of kids got into in hope of being pushed.

I started the pushing, then others got involved. They dropped like flies so I had the bulk of the duties. I have to say it was mostly awful after 5 minutes or so of pushing but I enjoyed the bragging rights.

I particularly enjoyed hearing excuses and some victor’s trash talk. Which put quite a look of disdain on my wife’s face; which I also enjoyed.

I lift for opportunities like this…

… I’m a petty, petty man.

  1. I like feeling strong.

  2. I found out in the military that in those 30–ish seconds where I push myself beyond what I thought my threshold was, I learn something new about myself each time.

  3. If I didn’t have this addiction, I’d have another one.


Why do you guys like helping people move(I know @yogi was probably being sarcastic)? I fucking hate it. I think the only reason friends ask me to help them move is because they know I’m going to engage some cheap and more efficient labour(cos I have the networks) so I don’t have to do shit.


Time for one of my famous tangentially related storytimes

My wife is notorious for volunteering me to help people move. In general, I don’t mind it, but I always have to clarify to people that I am the MUSCLE, not the brain. Specifically, I completely lack any sense of spacial awareness and finesse, which means no, I DON’T know how to manipulate your sofa to fit inside your door frame. You have to figure out all that stuff and just tell it to me. Leave it up to me and I’ll just smash it through the frame, because it’s not my stuff and I don’t care.

This came to a particularly interesting head when a meathead buddy of mine recruited me one day. He called my cell and said “Hey man, I just got a sweet deal on a treadmill; you mind helping me get it in the house?” Sure thing I say, only to show up and discover it was a FULLY assembled treadmill. I was expecting just a big, heavy long box we were going to battering ram through the front door, and instead we had to move this super hardcore commercial quality treadmill (only the best for this dude, of course) through a laundry garage and a laundry room before getting it into the living room. The laundry room proved to be the sticking point, and after a half hour of rotating this thing into every possible configuration (definitely not challenging for 2 meatheads of course) and damaging several walls, my friend finally throws the treadmill down in frustrating and udders the phrase


It dawned on me that we were working on way more than just a treadmill at that point, so I excused myself, leaving the treadmill halfway between the garage and the laundry room, never to return to the scene of the crime.

It’s not all bad though: the past 2 times I’ve helped someone move, one was a buddy of mine. Lifetime bachelor making too much money who loved to cook. Got a short notice relocation and had way too much meat in his freezer, and the poor sucker offered it to me as payment. In contrast to the typical beer and pizza, in which I don’t indulge, I walked out with 6 ribeyes, 10 porkchops, some ribs, a dozen sausages, and a few other odds and ends. In another case, my next door neighbors were moving away, the hubby got a head start, so it was up to the wife to do all the packing. Got recruited to move the heavy stuff, she asked “Hey, you lift: do you use protein powder?” I responded with an affirmative, and then she brought out no joke 35 POUNDS of various protein powders. Apparently her husband got bit by the lifting bug for a hot second, found a great deal on powders…and promptly quit lifting. Didn’t need to buy protein for a year.

Wait wait, one more story! I’ve had to move my entire garage gym 3 times so far, with a 4th looming. My wife, through her constant cohabitation with me, is in no way impressed by me and just considers me how a normal man should be, haivng readjusted her calibration. This means she gives me INSANE objectives to accomplish during the move, and my pride compels me to do them because I still want to impress her. When it came time to put away my GHR, she had found the PERFECT tetris spot for it among a mix of boxes, furniture, and other lifting equipment. It would fit in super secure: all I had to do was pick it up, 3/4 turn it in midair to bypass the first line of defense, then once I got it into place, rotate 1/2 again, lock it into place, and rotate it one more time.

Of course, my monkey brain can’t figure out the way to do this, so I’m moving it and she’s directing me as I go. She occasionally struggles with left and right, and this was one of those occasions. After the third misdirection, still while holding the GHR in midair, as I have no other choice, I take the time to say “I feel the need to inform you that what you’re directing me to do is completely unreasonable, and could not be accomplished if I were not so strong.”

It’s the small victories really.


I got a Mossburg 9200 semi automatic shotgun for helping a guy move. Not a great one, but not bad either.


How big is your GHR? I understand that strength allows for the heavy weight to be moved around, but mine is probably like 6’x3’ or something like that - even if I’m strong enough to hold that weight, I doubt I could with such an awkward size and shape.

But I suppose we all can’t be Pwnishers.

  1. I used to be 88lbs and near death
  2. Strong women are rather attractive
  3. I have nice proportions for squatting and benching.


Mine is a pretty cut down model sold by Yukon fitness (pictured here)


It’s not terribly heavy, but still not fun to play tetris with, haha.


It is true. Lifting will not just help you shed the excess weight but will keep stress away. Your body will feel loaded with energy and it will allow you to go bout your day to day business stress free. You are in a good shape. Keep lifting brother.