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Top 3 Reasons to Keep Lifting Weights

Health : Bodybuilding lifestyle made me lose more than 30 kgs as a result of eating clean and exercising regularly.

Looking good : I look good naked. I look good in a swimsuit. I look good in a suit. I look good in a t-shirt.

Fighting stress : Training is the best antidepressant. I want to use a quote from Dave Tate’s Elite Wisdom article : I tried to do what I always did when life got stressful – I trained.

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1: Kierkegaardian-esque resignation over the absurdity of existence and the decision to take a leap of faith into some blind venture in the pursuit of a purpose in a world that ultimately meaningless.

2: When you stare into the abyss, it stares back at you.

3: Being big and strong is pretty cool.


1.When one reach’s a certain level of strength and size Assholes are less likely to fuck with you.
2. see number 1
3. see number 1

  1. I like it.
  2. I hate it.
  3. skrong.

These assume continued lifting throughout your life:

Keeps bones strong. You don’t want crumbly ass bones when you’re older.

Keeps strength as you age. There’s evidence of a link between how easy you find it to get off the ground and how close to death you are. I prefer being alive over being dead and keeping your strength is likely going to help.

It has low opportunity cost. Usually the alternative activity is equally as lame as lifting but doesn’t deliver as many benefits.

  1. Freedom.
  2. Strength.
  3. I like doing it.
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Always gotta make us actually stop and think about life.

That’s my #1.

Never seen these ones.

My #2.


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Re edited for clarification

  1. Im short
  2. Im vain
  3. It’s a habit that’s engrained at this point
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  1. People generally respect big/strong people more than small/weak people.

  2. I enjoy the process and lifestyle associated.

  3. Strength is critically important as an elder. I plan to be doing whatever the F I want to do when I’m 100, so I’m preparing for that. Whether it happens or not is out of my hands most likely, but if I’m strong and somewhat lean, I should have a fighting chance to stay mobile late in life. I plan to play hard with my grandchildren AND great grandchildren


I don’t see a pattern. Could you add the caliber of your appearance to a few more wardrobes and various stages of undress?

That said, my top 3 reasons to keep lifting weights:

  1. I paid for the damn things, and if I don’t lift them they really don’t have much use.

  2. My favorite shirt, which I wear near-daily, says “Sun’s out, Gun’s out” and is bright yellow with no sleeves. I wouldn’t want to look silly wearing it if I didn’t really lift, bro.

  3. I would like to keep my eccentric leg press max relatively high, so I can impress members of this forum with my exploits.

  1. Ward off lifestyle disease, control body composition and increase quality of life. Jack Lalane anyone?

  2. Keep the wife interested and not “let myself go”. Way too many guys just quit trying at life at 30. This goes for motivation, learning, personal growth as well as fitness.

  3. Lifting and nutrition is the only hobby I can have on me 100% of the time. It’s rewarding all the time, which for me is different than a 300 yard drive in golf or a hot rod car I only get to drive 10 times a year.

  1. it’s fun
  2. it feels good
  3. it makes you stronger


  1. I love myself
  2. I hate myself
  3. I am in constant competition with myself

At least until the invention of social media…

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1: I worked long enough in a nursing home to know I don’t want to end up “living” in one.
2: When I was in grad school, women students from Asia would sometimes hang out with me because they didn’t like going out after dark in Western cities without male escort to see them safely back to their dorms.
3: When people ask me what my special skill would be for surviving the zombie apocalypse, I can tell them I can carry my own weight in supplies on my back.

One and three. Don’t have a third.

This only works if you don’t jack up your joints. So many of my HS football buddies are cripples now needing back hip and knee replacement surgeries. I’m so glad I played in the band back then. We also got more nookie. Learn to do it right or pay the ultimate price.

Well I am talking about walking down the street in real life.


This literally doubles if you’re small. It’s a weird phenomenon.

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