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Top 3 Poker Sites Shutdown



Well, that sucks. Looks like I won't be getting that $100 I was cashing out. I feel bad for whoever had some real money in their account... that'd suck!


Wow.... I wonder if these sites will be shut down for good. And like you said, sucks for whoever had some real money invested in these sites. Hope they get a payout if at all possible


Heavens above, it's fucking ONLINE Poker, if you can't see your opponent, never mind his hand, how the hell would you know that the game isn't rigged?

You'd have had to be pretty fucking stupid to have an account with one of those operations at all. A few years back I did a bit of IT consulting to these "All-Click-No-Brick" operations, the way they talk about their clients at board meetings, trust me you do not want to get involved.


That's crazy - I used to play on pokerstars.net.


It's only the US operations that have been shut down. The EU service is still up and running.


The top poker sites are in no way rigged. The same might not be true for BJ sites or other games where your playing the computer, but the top poker sites had no interest in rigging the hands.

They where much more focused on laundering their money and avoiding taxes. Those top three sites where doing billions of dollars in revenue, and where well trusted and well regarded from a PLAYING standpoint as the worlds top players and biggest spenders all used them.

I would STRONGLY agree though that keeping any money on these sites (most top pros or high limit players cash out daily) is beyond stupid, as something like this was unavoidable.

You want to know helped push this move and is overjoyed with it finally happening? ZYNGA. Now everyone will flock to their poker game to get their fix. Well played.


Ding ding. Gambling money online is even more ridiculous than gambling IRL.


Very true. It's beyond belief that people are betting real money against programming. But hey, bezzid and quibids are honest sites, right?


One of my roommates was Jay Cohen, he ran one of these and was prosecuted, pretty lame to go after someone for doing something like this.


I agree this is bullshit. I just cashed out my Bodog account this week, not because of this, just because I never used it anymore.

They FedEx'd me a check from a Canadian bank and long ago they switched over to doing it all "off-shore".

Reviewing my winnings, I made $1500 on it in college. Its a pretty nice chunk of change for a college kid and I played for low stakes, and I'm pretty sure it was a 'fair system'. However, whoever was running the site was really pulling it in with a cut out of every pot.

The article I found on this, originally had an Australian indicted who was the mastermind behind the e-commerce engines for all these sites, then because he knew how to track the money turned and gave the feds all they needed to bust the other guys. There was something about how he would have been buried in the desert had it been the old days.


Well looking back in 2006 they passed a LAW that made it illegal to do Online poker in the U.S.

Now Party Poker removed itself from the U.S. market. However Fulltilt Poker/Pokerstars have outright ignored the law and hell have even started advertising on TV, and they dodge the FCC by saying "Play for Free" on their commercials.

And what I did read a little bit of the court documents and it talks about how they payed/lobby banks to allow for the U.S. transaction. I can buy that because without getting any piece of the pie why would the Banks let people do transaction with the poker sites that are clearly illegal.

Though I think we can all agree the UIGEA was a bullshit law that was most likely lobbied by Casino's which currently do co-sponserships and joint-advertising with the Online Poker companies. So they fucked them in 2006 but as the years went on Online firms were like its all good lets work together.

IDK its all fucked up lol


How would it be rigged?

I've played online poker for 5 years and have made more money than 95% of the people who play on the sites. Play on the right site and there is no issue with "fairness". YOU are pretty fucking stupid for making such radical claims when you clearly know jack shit about it.


Whew!! Thanks government for once again saving me from myself.



And to an earlier poster, "why does it [poker] always seem like gambling to you?! It's a skill game!"


"Why does it always seem like gambling to you?? It's a skill game"


I found that article:


It really is sad.

The government taking away another freedom we have(HAD?). That is what it comes down to...

  1. It was made illegal in 2006 BECAUSE it was attached to a bill that was without a doubt going to be passed. Anyone who is familiar with politics will realize that these assfucks rarely read all the other crap attached to the main bill, especially if it won't help them win the next election. In this case, it was attached to a port security bill.

  2. Lotto tickets are legal in most states, casinos in most(or at least some type of reservation), horse races, betting on sports, church sponsored gambling, homes games, stocks?, horses, on and on. However, the issue being taking to court isn't about poker being a skill game. That would never hold in court, so they have to go after a different issue, which is how they were able to pay the players here since the government didn't want to legalize it and tax it. Everyone was fine with that, and most successful players here paid taxes anyways.

Anyways, I am pretty disappointed in all of this. It seems like a complete waste of the FBI's time, the court, tax dollars, etc. Legalize it and tax it so we aren't in as much debt.

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Yes, they are rigged so another chump that puts in 50 bucks can get your money.


Yes, yes it is. However, I grind I don't gamble.


This part made me LOL, a lot..

In all seriousness though, I was about to put some money into Pokerstars.net, maybe about $20 or so for some fun. But I really don't like playing online, playing with people is far more fun(with a lot more skill involved IMO)