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Top 3 Favorite Athletes...

…of all time.

It’s a topic that’s been covered o’plenty, but always worthy of a re-set. Any sport, any nationality, any discipline. Last thing I want for this thread is for it dissolve into the “what defines an athlete” debate. Anything goes. I want to learn.

Mine in no particular order:

  1. Derek Poundstone (Strongman)
  2. Steve Yzerman (Hockey)
  3. Shaun White (Olympic/Xgames Snowboarding)

Honorable Mentions go to Clay Matthews and Barry Sanders (football), Kenny Bradshaw (big wave surfing)…

Now you go


Lionel Messi (Soccer), Ricky Williams (in college), and of course Jordan

Bill Romanowski,Mirko Crocop,and Fedor Emelianko.

  1. Derek Poundstone (Strongman)
  2. Jarred Allen (NFL)
  3. Brian Urlacher (NFL)

Honorable Mentions
Big Z
Travis Ortmayer
Hussain Bolt

Ussain Bolt
Matthias Steiner (for the story alone)
Jerry Rice

[quote]Totenkopf wrote:
Bill BROmanowski,Mirko BROcop,and Fedor EmeliankBRO.[/quote]

I see a trend here^^

Barry Sanders, Jordan, Fedor EMeliananko

Phillip Rivers
Tony Gwynn

suck it.

Joe Montana
Jerry Rice
Brian Wilson (subject to change)

[quote]gregron wrote:

[quote]Totenkopf wrote:
Bill BROmanowski,Mirko BROcop,and Fedor EmeliankBRO.[/quote]

I see a trend here^^[/quote]
Lol,Bill and Mirko was clever but I think your pushing it with Fedor. Ha.

1.sugar ray robinson
2.vasili alexeyev
3.aleksandr karelin

Alexeyev was a 2 time gold medal winner, and 9 time world champion, and set over 80 world records.

Karelin was a 3 time gold medalist and 9 time world champion, but in 13 years, not only was he undefeated, but DID NOT HAVE A SINGLE POINT scored against him.

It is hard to comprehend this level of dominance on an INTERNATIONAL level in sports that are practiced at such a high level in so many countries.

Sugar Ray? What can I say…200 fights, 173 wins, 106 KO’s, this was in an era which fighters were not protected like today, the best fought the best all the time…Sugar Ray WAS boxing…

" there was never a day my muscles did not ache, if they did not ache I thought there was something wrong with me. I had to make every muscle in my body ache every day or I could not relax. I felt ill if I was not in pain from training, see what an unusual person I am"?

Vasili Alexeyev

pure gold.

[quote]JaX Un wrote:
Phillip Rivers
Tony Gwynn

suck it.[/quote]
Haha, nice.

I won’t be as much as a homer as you…

Tony Gwynn
Ken Griffey Jr.
Michael Jordan

Jón Páll Sigmarsson
Muhammad Ali
Bill Kazmeier

  1. Michael Jordan
  2. Barry Sanders
  3. Pete Maravich

Darryl Starwberry

Mario Lemieux
Michael Jordan
James Harrison

just 3? …thats tough

Manny Pacquiao

1 - Poundstone
2 - Pudzianowski
3 - Konstantinovs