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Top 25 Fittest Cities In America


Saw an article on MSN, related to an article in Men's Fitness. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/7279844/did/10734692/?GT1=7538

According to Men's Fitness, Baltimore is the fittest city in America. Interestingly enough, according to Men's Health, San Francisco was named the best city for men (how'd they come up with that?). Having near baltimore for awhile, I really don't see it. I would have to go with Shugs on San Diego as the fittest city in America, having been there a couple times.


i don't know where they come up with this stuff but I was reading in my local news that, Houston was at one time the fattest city is now at number 4 or 5, Don't remeber, but they say Chicago is the fattest as of now. Where are they coming up with theses stats?



Apparently, it doesn't matter if they change so drastically from year to year. I once heard they do it by giving a ratio of restaurants to gyms and health clubs. Either way, I am not really sure I want millions of more people in the gym. They don't even have enough squat racks for them all to curl in.


I can't believe they had to go and call my city the fattest in America. I couldn't just sit back and take it, so here is my response to Men's Fitness.

(Shoe included to demonstrate low bodyfat percentage)




typical FIB.........JK


Yeah SanDiego wasn't even on the fucking list.

This has to be one of the most fit cities in the US if not THE fittest city.

I can understand Colorado Springs making the list definitely, but why not Whales Vagina?

Ahh well..


[quote]elevationgain wrote:

I can understand Colorado Springs making the list definitely, but why not Whales Vagina?


I agree. Every time I'm in San Diego I see nothing but yoggers all around me. Or joggers...not sure if the 'j' is silent on that one.


LMAO!! Eliteballa's gonna be expecting royalties soon.


Yeah, probably-that's how they determine the fattest cities. Which of course is bullshit.


Not another Nike ad. Damn.



Geesh Indiana didnt even crack the top 10 list of fattys. Thats almost sad and disappointing....it has to be wrong!


Atlanta number 16 from 23...WOOT! WOOT!


I have to agree it's bull shit, I see what too many fat asses waddling around here.

I'm diigin the shoe picture,LMAO
If I post a picture with me holding my little boys Jordans, is that the same as me packing on 20 pounds of mass?



Kewl, they included Honolulu, a city where you have to be in bikini shape all year round. Plus, you can't hide in warm weather clothes.

Sometimes those surveys "forget" that Hawaii is a part of the United States....grrr...but kewl, where in there!