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Top 20 Antioxidant Rich Foods

Anybody else see this article on the top 20 richest antioxidant foods rated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. I didn’t realize that beans were so high on the list. Berries I understand and use them as part of my nutrition program.

Anyways, good read nonetheless.


Interesting article. However, where did the grapes and cherries go? They were not even on the list. This despite the fact that we keep hearing about how useful those 2 are.

Well, sweet cherries were there. I was surprised they didn?t mention raisins. I thought those were higher then prunes, in fact I thought they were at the top of the list.

notice it says ‘we’re not sure about beans’ and ‘we don’t know if everything can be absorbed’ . i think those are the key factors.

beans might have a lot of antioxidants in a test tube, but they tested dried beans in some cases, NO ONE eats dried beans. ICK. you can’t eat them. so, i think that’s irrelevant. this study is crap, they should have cooked the beans, and refried them and then seen how much they have. what use is a study if they don’t put in the edible form of a food? at least they cooked the artichoke. noone eats those raw.

i would still go with berries and low GI fruits. much less carbs, more nutrients and tastier! (unless you’re not on a low carb diet, some beans are ok. but watch out, they should be soaked or else… you know what happens!)

Blueberries are no surprise.

seminole chick,

You have made a great point! If the food is not appetizing it is not going to be consumed. No matter how good it is for you.