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Top 15 Prescription Drugs in America


How many of these drugs can be avoided, by diet and exercise?


Wow, I didn't realize vicodin was that high. No wonder utah kids abuse it- there's way more than anyone could ever need. I recovered from surgery and used about 1/4 of the vic that was prescribed to me, and I have an average threshold of pain.


Meni are you serious or joking?
It has the "reason" diagnosis off to the right.

Edit: I should add that I have prescribed all of those on the list, so I am not just talking out my ass.


Im surprised there are no anti-depressants on the list.


I think what he's saying is, how many of the ills that are brought on (which subsequently "require" medication) could have been avoided by good health practices to begin with.

Predisposition of many aliments are exacerbated many times over by risk factors that WE control (ie. smoking, poor diet, alcohol consumption, etc). I heard an oncologist in an interview talking about one of his colleague's female patients. She told him her mother had had breast cancer, and wondered what her risk percentage was for getting the disease herself. He told her around 12-15% higher than the normal population. She then told him she herself had smoked since age 14. He then told her the risk now jumps to around 84%!


I have tons of extra pain killers. Even when I only need about 3 or 4 pills I end up with about 20 each time. I've probably got about 5 bottles of various painkillers at home from the dentists, surgeon, and regular doctor for back pain.


Not really a surprise for most.

I am, however, fairly shocked to see just how many scripts there are for Vicodin, though.

People tend to get all indignant when doctors question why they need Vicodin in 10mg strength (when the patient asks for them by name) and act like the doc is treating them like a criminal. Probably because you ARE a criminal. Fuckin' people.


I'm appalled when I hear some little kid complain about a simple headache, and suddenly the mom pulls Tylenol or similar shit out of her purse.

When I got braces on my teeth a few years ago, the orthodontist told me to take Tylenol if the teeth hurt after tightening. I'd go home and of course my teeth hurt all night. But were fine next day. I didn't take any drugs for pain at all. When I told him that I take nothing, he looked at me like I was nuts. I guess our culture is so pussified that we allow the drug companies to dictate our threshold. Aspirin for simple aches, antidepressants for simple momentary sadness, Viagra for something that should come so naturally it's ridiculous.


Not Synthroid. Hypothyroidism CANNOT BE CURED by diet or Exercise.
And thats as far as I got.


Ya man I hear that Tylenol shit has ruined a lot of lives, scary shit lol


You missed the point.


Im not surprised at vicodin being #1 most prescribed. Doctors give that out like skittles.
I got my wisdom teeth taken out and i got 2 bottles of vicodin (for each side of my mouth)
One of my friends buddies bruised a rib so he got a bottle from his doctor.
Difference is i threw them away while he took his and had mood swings and shit.

Surprised adderal is not on the list.

People need to listen to themselves and not take whatever the doctor places in their hands.
Doctors prescribe crap that they themselves wouldnt take.


vicodin and ambien could just be replaced with some bud. Same results minus the side effects.



i would like to see stats on personal trainers (just an easy profession to use that are generally fit) on the rate of anti-depressant use


Meni all I will say is eat healthy, dont smoke, excercise and you still could end up on Blood pressure medicine, cholesterol medicine, diabetic medicine etc. Yes are meds thrown out to patients way to much, and are Meds expected by 90% of the patients that go to a Doctor. This is medicine today.


No I didn't, it was meant to be a joke maybe I should have used a j/k instead of an LOL

I thought it was funny you used two examples of treating minor aches and pains with tylenol to antidepressants and viagara

I got what you were saying and don't necessarily disagree

very slow day at work, carry on


I think the main reason ADs are not on the list because of the kabillions of AD meds that are out there.


God bless Prilosec.


My count is 11 out of 15 can be affected by diet and exercise.

I understand what you are saying about being healthy and still being able to have high blood pressure. While this is true, if you took out the patients with obesity, poor diet, and excessive drug use/alchohol those numbers would drastically change. I think that is the point the OP is getting across.

You've said that you have prescribed these drugs to people. In your experience in a ratio how many of these people appeared healthy or actually had healthy lifestyles vs unhealthy?


You ever been tested for H Pylori?