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Top 100 Comic Book Villains



Whom they don’t even list at all.

[quote]Bill Roberts wrote:

Whom they don’t even list at all.[/quote]

Lobo is a villain?

I saw the US version of that list and was kinda disappointed with #1. I think they did it just so they wouldn’t look obvious.

He did frag his entire planet, killing every other member of his species, as his high school science project.

And is generally (though not always) in opposition to heroes he encounters.

Or is there a technical rule that a character who has his own title is not, by definition, a “villain” but rather an “anti-hero”? I don’t know.

Myself, I’d rather that he’d managed to kill Superman. As in, permanently.

I remember that list, I went through all 100. Wasn’t surprised by the top 5, not that I agree. I’m pretty sure that factors such as popularity were involved, but I thought a lot of the ones in the middle to bottom were not in the right place. Off the top of my head, I would’ve put Carnage a lot higher, but I don’t remember most of it any more.

IGN doesn’t know shit about comics, so I knew it was gonna suck.

And proof that it sucked:

Thanos is no.47
Harley Quinn is no.45

Go fuck yourself, IGN. Go fuck yourself.

I think I remember being very dissapointed in Onslought’s placement as well. And Apocolypse, anyone with a whole storyline named after him should be very close to the top.

#99, Fin Fang Foom.

Does anyone remember what “Foom” stands for?

[quote]Gkhan wrote:
#99, Fin Fang Foom.

Does anyone remember what “Foom” stands for?[/quote]

Fixated On Obsessive Masturbation?

I did NOT expect to see Gippetto on the list. Fucking GIPPETTO!


Where is super boy prime?