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Top 10 Uses for a Smith Machine


Had nothing better to post: Help me round out the top ten uses for the SmithMachine

1. Keeps the retards out of the Squat Rack, hopefully.

2. For use as a BD-SM device: Use your own damn imagination !

3. For use to hang your luandry on

4. For use as a kids tent

5. To help keep your local Chiropractor/Massage/Physical Therapist in business...

Help me to finish this list PLEASE !


Selective height rack-pulls
Shoulder Presses

I really don't get the hate for the Smith, it does the job just fine.


I have no issue with it either. I've used it when rehabbing my shoulders.
Properly used, it's an effective tool.

But it IS often improperly overused BY tools.



The biggest problem is two-fold. People over-rely on them (doing the majority of their workout on it) because it's "easier" than using free weights, which will increase the risk of long-term injury, and people use them for inappropriate exercises which leads to poor technique which leads to an increased risk of long-term injury.

With that said, however, here's a legit list of 10 Uses for a Smith Machine:

... and boom goes the dynamite.

  1. Incline presses
  2. Rows
  3. JM presses
  4. Decline presses
  5. Haney shrugs


I was happy to see it when I had to Rehab a couple of injuries during the years........

OH, yeah

"Chicks dig it".


Trap work
Reverse grip bench
Explosive Bench (throwing the weight and catching)
Heavy Seated pressing


Yes, one of my favourites for trap work too.


pushups for the deconditioned, adjust bar height accordingly
inverted row, same concept
hook a TRX up to

this is coming from someone that primarily works with the de-conditioned.




Good finisher.


not the reaction the OP had hoped for im sure......

*pendalay rows
*yates rows
*banded floor presses


Pullups when someone is doing cable-whatevers. (Watch the head, though)


I've used it for chin-ups before. Does that count?


so much for being a Sarcastic Smartass Asshole. I was really hoping for more sarcastic wit here guys ; (
Still do not like it, and IF you ever see me in one PLEASE feel free to clean my ears out with a BULLET (no sarcasm) !


I use the ends to help put my straps up when lifting in a suit alone.


I hate lifting in suits

Putting on a tie just for squats....

But hey if it helps you by all means do it. I never took you for a suspenders kinda girl...


I seriously wonder what Russian mail order bride one would get for around 1000 USD.


dick shrugs?


Standing calf raises, too.