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top 10 signs...

Top ten signs it’s time for a new workout partner.

  1. Your hands keep slipping on pizza sauce whenever you try to use a dumbbell after him.

  2. Likes to spot you on the bench press straddling the bench and facing the bar instead of standing behind the bench.

  3. After every set says, “Are you working hard or hardly working?”

  4. Everyday insists that body pump is the way to go.

  5. Counts loudly in Russian with every rep because he believes it connects him with the great Vasilia Alexia.

  6. Likes to make up the weight using 2.5 and 5lb plates so it looks like he’s using a lot of plates.

  7. Has a picture of Bill Phillips tattooed to his concave chest.

  8. Can’t start a workout unless he’s wearing his lucky leg warmers.

  9. Giggles incessantly every time you say push jerk or snatch.

  10. Thinks a chin up is something you do after swallowing.

  1. Carries cell phone in to weight room and uses it often to make nail and hair appointments.
  1. Can’t properly spell the name of the great weightlifter, Vasily Alexeyev (also spelled as Vasili Alexeev)
  1. Insists on blasting Enya.

haha fun times

14 - won’t goddamn come to the gym with you anymore.

Hey, I’ve got to disagree with number 6. I’ve tried counting in Russian and it definitely helps give you a more “hardcore” attitude.

But the other stuff is right on.