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Top 10 Presidents for "Bro-ness"

Started from another thread. Which 10 presidents would you like to have a beer with? Share quotes, stories and reasons. This is a 45th prez free thread, talk of him is getting really boring and ruins every thread.



Hmm. Well Washington had his own distillery so he would be like next level knocken’em back with. But he also led the charge to put down the whiskey rebellion- so we might end up in a face punching contest.

Clinton was cool. He played a pretty good sax, and I like cigars too- just not the special stock.

Obama, maybe. But there’s that getting too chummy and saying something inappropriate thing that I used to do. I wouldn’t use the N word with an A at the end, but I’d probably try to get him to.

George II - I could see that getting crazy. 20 or so beers and an 8 ball later and we’re stealing a freakin jet!

Yep. George wins.


Ulysses Grant (Huge drunk)

Teddy Roosevelt (to share hunting stories)

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If I had to pick 10, in no particular order:

George Washington - balls as big as they come when you consider his willingness to lead the revolution and stick it out

Thomas Jefferson - principal author of the Declaration of Independence. Did I mention big balls? I’d love to just listen to him given the impact he had on our early history.

James Madison - Father of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, and one of the writers of the Federalist Papers. That’s good for at least a six pack or three.

Teddy Roosevelt - Fought in the Spanish-American War, hunted bears, reformed the NYCPD, fought in Cuba, and “arranged” for the Panama Canal. Enough said.

Ulysses S. Grant - Leading general in the bloodiest war fought by the US in terms of US lives lost.

FDR - Polio survivor who led the US from a wheel chair and was elected POTUS 4 times. Did quite a bit I disagree with. Incredibly effective leader.

Harry Truman - ended the war with Japan.

Dwight Eisenhower - I just want to listen to him talk about WWII

Ronald Reagan - Ronnie Ray Gun. Tear Down this Wall. Peace through strength. Incredibly popular.

George W. Bush - Maintains a friendship with Bill Clinton. Frankly a beer with both of them would be very interesting, but W doesn’t drink.

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TR for sure. I agree with him on almost nothing politically, but he was a shining example of what being a man is about.

Washington maybe. As long as there were ground rules on how many war stories I had to listen to.

I’d probably enjoy a beer with Barry O just because I think he’s probably a great guy. Once again, I couldn’t disagree more with him, but there’d be a lot to talk about.

John Adams comes to mind and William Henry Harrison. I’d love to talk to Jackson about decentralization of the banks. Those are the ones that come to mind right off.

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Andrew Jackson he killed Charles Dickinson in a duel. But, Dickinson fired first the bullet broke two of Jacksons ribs. But, Jackson stood there took aim and shot Dickinson. By the way this was over Dickinson calling him a name in the local newspapers. Jackson also defended himself from an assassins bullet fired by Richard Lawrence. The gun fortunately misfired. But, Jackson charged the man with his cane and beat him down. He also had a little help from frontiersman Davy Crockett who was a Congressman at the time. As a side note that was the first attempted assassination of a sitting President.

Teddy Roosevelt sparred with the first legitimate Heavyweight boxing champion of the world John L. Sullivan. He also had a brown belt in Judo. He was also the victim of an assassination attempt. The bullet actually hit the President while he was giving a speech. He took the shot opened his coat where people could see his blood stained shirt and remarked, “it takes more than this to kill a bull moose.” He then finished his speech before he would allow medical treatment. Apparently the 50 page speech much of which was tucked into his coat saved his life. The crowd pretty much beat the assailant half to death.

I would love to talk to both of the above Presidents, but I think I would spend more time with them than it would take to drink a beer. Dinner would be a better setting. A nice long dinner.

I’ll be back with a few more of my favorites when I have time.

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Nobody wants to kick it with JFK?

Imagine how much fun you could have raising hell with Jack!


Yes. JMad is my homie.

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For shear debauchery and alcohol tolerance JFK would be a great pick.

James Madison would be one to get into philosophical arguments when he gets a nose on. Might have to brush up on my Locke to try and hang.

Lincoln would be interesting. On the one hand he wrote a scathing letter to George Meade for not heading off the Confederate retreat after Gettysburg and ending the war like he was ordered to. He never sent that letter because Lincoln rarely did things that would engender resentment among those around him. On the other hand he suspended habeas corpus and jailed critical journalists. He might be interesting.

Teddy Roosevelt as mentioned for war/hunting stories.

Reagan, just try and understand how he upended politics for decades and changed the national conversation on everything.

Woodrow Wilson. Just to see if anyone could really be that evil in person.

Honestly, GWB is probably the only former president I’d want to have a beer with (he can DD). He just seems like such a genuine down to earth guy. Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln, etc… were all incredible men, but wtf would we talk about?

The latest iPhone, which Kardashian is the hottest, who is getting picked to advance on The Bachelor, duh!

Broness afterall.

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I was actually thinking about making a joke along those lines, lol!

Agree that on just having a beer it would definitely be W, even getting Bill Clinton and W together. I’d just like to sit and listen to the others talk about their lives and our country’s history. I’m a history nerd.


I’d swap old wrestling stories with Pres Lincoln.

Pres Jefferson and I could examine some hemp, then talk advances in farming. Dude might think a tractor is pretty cool.

I’d take Pres Washington to get some Dental Implants or new teeth or whatever. Then I’d blow his mind showing him a Total Station (surveying equipment) and listen to him bitch about dragging lengths of chain through the woods, surveying in the old days.

Land surveyor? I was a Rodman once upon a time for a few summers.

Met him at a fund raiser and got to sit at a table next to his table. I also spoke to him for several minutes. He struck me as a very down to earth person. Had some funny stories. He drank bottled water all night. So, no beer with GW.

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Ya, he mentions his sobriety in a few of his books.

I could talk to Jefferson for hours… We have similar interests… A nice madeira and a warm fire I am sure I could talk to him for hours if he would tolerate an ilk like myself.

I still say Lincoln hands down. Without Lincoln saving the Union against all odds, he was the best in my book. Without Lincoln we would have been reading about a failed experiment called the United States of America in the history books. The FF brought the country to bare, but it’s Lincoln’s belief in their work and steely resolve that we still have this country, the envy of the world.

In no particular order:


I wouldn’t hate talking and drinking beer with modern presidents, but none of them can lay claim to bring great in a way that others on my list do.

In terms of ultimate bro-ness, hard to hold a candle to Washington (he was huge and renowned for his athleticism, and he made his own whiskey), Jackson (no one tougher - had a slug next to his heart from a duel his entire life, loved horse racing and whiskey, and bore a scar on his head from a British blade when he defied a soldier as a youth), and TR (a sickly boy that worked to get strong, big game hunter, and leader of the Rough Riders).