Top 10 Pieces of Training Equipment

If you had a warehouse to set up a training facility, what are the top 10-20 pieces of training equipment you would want in it.

(ex. Squat rack, prowler, GHR, bumper plates, pull up bar, parallel bar, adjustable bench, dumbbell set, tires, gymnastic rings, 1.5 inch fat barbell, bands, chains, etc.)

I have a gym in my garage and it is fully functional to my needs.

The most important things that I have are;
Platform (to keep from slipping on floor and to protect floor)
Squat Stands (Probably need to get an actual rack, but not necessary yet)
Adjustable Bench that doubles as a dip stand
Straight Bar (marked with both PLing and O Lifting rings)
Swiss Bar (Football Bar)
Safety Squat Bar
Blast Straps
Plenty of weights, ~1000lbs (Thank you, Craigslist!)
Sled (LOVE IT)
DB Handles for weights
Bands (Both short and long)
Foam Roller/ LAX Balls

Again, these are some things that I have and use. I can do anything that I want. “Less is more.”

The only thing that I could really use would be a squat rack instead of stands, but I can just dump the weights if I need since I have the platform.

hope this helps!


EDIT: I would also like a GHR and Reverse Hyper, but I don’t want to spend hat kind of money yet. I have actually thought of building my own, very easy, if you know what you’re doing.

Squat Rack
Olympic dumbbell handles
Texas bar
Adjustable bench
Chalk bowl
Weights: 18x45, 4x25, 4z10, 4x5, 4x2.5

Also not training really but mirror and stereo.

  1. Rack w/ Pull Up Bar
  2. DBs up to 150
  3. Flat Bench/Adjustable Bench
  4. Bumper Plates and Oly Platform
  5. Jerk Boxes
  6. GHR
  7. Prowler/Sled
  8. Turf Track for Sprints/Warmups
  9. Farmer’s Walk Bars
  10. Yoke
  11. Assortment of Specialty Bars
  12. Chains/Bands
  13. Big Tires
  14. Kettlebells at least a pair of 53s, 70s, and a big one
  15. Dip Station/Attachment for Rack
  16. Boxes/Blocks to Pull From and Box Squat With
  17. Heater for the Winter

…I was ready to call it a night and get some sleep, but now I’m a little excited.

Thanks for the posts, I think pretty much everything you all listed is on my list.

Alerslodge…what is a “Swiss Bar (Football Bar)?” I am unfamiliar. Personally I like the gymnastic rings over the blast straps, if you’ve used both do you prefer the blast straps and for what reason?

Liquid Mercury…what is a “Texas bar”?

Thanks again

Texas Bar:
Swiss Bar:

1 Power rack
2 Texas power bar (probably what LM meant by Texas bar)
3 Safety squat bar
5 SOLID dip/chin bars (w/knurling on chin bar)
6 Adjustable bench for flat/incline bench in power rack
7 Cable station for pulldown abs, shoulder pre/rehab, pressdowns, etc
8 Some boxes for box squats/stepups/whatever
9 Deadlift bar jack
10 Tons of weight (plates and DBs to 150+)

I’ve never seen the Swiss bar. Now I want to buy one!

[quote]LiquidMercury wrote:
Squat Rack
Olympic dumbbell handles
Texas bar
Adjustable bench
Chalk bowl
Weights: 18x45, 4x25, 4z10, 4x5, 4x2.5

Also not training really but mirror and stereo.[/quote]
This (minus the mirror) is pretty much what I have in my garage. I also have a record board where each of my teammates’ best lifts are recorded.
I also have a couple of specialty bars (trap and safety squat). I also have a couple cheaper bars that we use for pin pulls and stuff like that so the Texas bar doesn’t get bent.

Oboile…I have no idea how all of that fit so nicely in a one car garage! I have a two car at home and its set up with the following and extremely tight:

dumbbells 10-100 (in 10lb increments)
cable cross machine
adjustable bench (moveable)
bench with adjustable bench (attached) (not enough room for it so its disassembles in the corner)
gymnastic rings
Squat rack
A couple different barbells
Peck deck/reverse fly machine
A large circuit machine
leg extension
leg curl
row machine
lat pull down
dip/ab station
leg press
pull up bar

a couple mirrors I found laying around the house
(you should look around at garage sales, a bathroom mirror works perfect for watching your form for most movements (and flexing).

I got really lucky and a friend was moving just gave me the circuit, cable cross machine, and fly machine. Took about 3 days to disassemble, move, and reassemble at home.

I have been thinking of starting a small specialty gym, found a small vacant warehouse with reasonable rent. So I am curious as to what everyone would want in it if they had their choosing. I also have another post, but might as well ask it here; what would your willingness be to spend each month on a gym membership that was loaded with top of the line elitefts equipment designed for power lifting, olympic lifting, strong man training, and athletic training. I know many of you have set ups at home, for me the primary thing I would hope to get out of such a place, other than making a couple bucks, is an indoor environment with plenty of open space, that lets me flip tires, do prowler pushing, walking lounges, and tall enough to do rope climes. It gets cold in the winter on long island, so its important to have open indoor space for such. Most importantly a place where I can feel comfortable bailing on a power clean. I have yet to find a place that would allow that nor do I even feel comfortable doing it at my own home (I don’t have bumper plates, and even if I did everything is so tight I would still feel uncomfortable).

So any suggestions on additional equipment and what you think you would be willing to spend, if anything since some of you seem to have nice setups at home. My intentions would be to offer group training included in the monthly fee, where classes would be offered 2 or 3 times a day, then the gym would be open for people to train on their own. I am not a fan of cross fit, but I do like the idea of training in a group setting like that, for the same reasons why I prefer to train bjj in a group setting.

Any input helps.

Texas Power Bar and Alot of Plates
Olympic Bars and Bumper Plates
Lots of Bands and Chains
Lots of Dumbells
Lots of Boxes and Benches
Power Rack

Concrete room with industrial lights

Couple of Power bars (quality ones)
Tons of weights
Power rack
flat bench & adjustable bench
Hyper bench
Chinning bar
EZ bar
heavy DBs (or 4-5 adjustables)
Thick Oly DB handles
Reverse Hyper
Back supported row.

I just need this:

  1. A rack
  2. A bench
  3. A barbell
  4. Plates up to 350kg

That’s all a man should need for an entire lifetime. :slight_smile:

The happiness is in keeping stuff simple. :slight_smile:

A bar
A rack
A shit load of weight
A shit load of food