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Top 10 Physically Modified People


Pretty crazy stuff:



Hey, we ALL crave attention sometimes!


I'm sure they'll have no trouble at all finding employment.

Imagine what these fucks will look like when they begin to age. WOW.


I think siicon breast implants are RIGHT up there with these body modifications. At least these guys don't leak and need tops ups. I've seen some pretty extreme - but "socially acceptable" cosmetic surgeries. It never ceases to amaze me how quick people are to judge something that looks unusual and yet ogle women with artifically enhanced breasts (amongst other things).


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how do they pay for all this crap to be done to them


I'm guessing that most of these people work in the BME industry themselves.


I think number 8 is the only cool one. The rest are ugly freaks.

I once saw this massive guy with a hand print tattooed onto his face. He looked really intimidating.


I wonder if they get mad when people make fun of them?



Sorry but piercings and tattoos just aren't my thing, especially when taken to this extreme level. Give me clean, fresh, unblemished human skin anytime.

Tasteful piercings are ok, and tattoos if they are meaningful to the wearer (i.e. to designate one's tribe or something about the individual) , but not trashy ones.

Sure, it'd be alright if they were REAL badasses like the Sith, Darth Maul in Star Wars, but this is just freakish exhibitionism, pure and simple.


6. 500 piercings in just her genitals! holy shit! could you imagine??.. wait, never mind! :open_mouth:




I'm pretty heavily tattooed, but that shit on branding made me vomit a little. Why would someone pay to have their own skin burned at 1000 degrees farenheit? Pretty sick...


I think they overlooked this guy:


Nah. He should belong to the bottom 10.


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So where's Ronnie Coleman?