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Top 10 Most Famous Sports Teams


Lets make a definitive list of the top 10 most famous sports teams in the world.

I'll start it off:

1) NY Yankees
2) Cowboys
3) Lakers
4) 49ers
5) Redskins
6) Bulls
7) Red Sox
8) Knicks
9) Giants
10) Brazil soccer team


Sorry, Bulls????? Dude the Red Sox Nation is the biggest MLB team nation. the best travel fans.


If you travel the world and ask people the question "what team do you support?" 90% of the time they will say a football team(not American football) and 90% of those instances they will say their local team and also one such as:

Manchester United
Real Madrid
AC Milan
Barcelona etc


Are you kidding me? "The world?" No. Some of those teams aren't even the most popular in the US.

And, uh, Packer Nation anyone?


lets say the US


Raiders. The team everyone loves to hate. Also, Eagles are pretty big.


I agree that Yankees and Lakers should be on that list, and near the top, but if we're talking "in the world", then what about the teams that play the most popular game worldwide, that being soccer:

  1. Real Madrid
  2. Brazil's National Team

Hmmm, maybe Manchester United should be on the list too? Basketball is hugely popular across China (thanks Yao), Europe, and pretty much everywhere else, so definitely the Bulls and Knicks.

What about cricket? Wildly popular, in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, UK, Australia, West Indies. In the sub-continent, team members are rich and famous. Fans, and they are fanatics, who don't own TVs will still follow test match updates on radio and in the newspapers.

Oh, and Ferrari's Formula 1 team. Sure, they only have two drivers but they have a huge support and development team backing them up. Formula 1 racing is another of those sports that is well-known and followed almost everywhere except in the US. There are races in Europe, China, Indonesia, Brazil ...


  1. Real Madrid
  2. Brazil's National Soccer Team
  3. NY Yankees
  4. Lakers
  5. India's National Cricket Team
  6. Man Utd
  7. Red Sox
  8. Bulls
  9. Ferrari FI Racing
  10. Cowboys

Edit: No room for Knicks


I'd put the Lakers ahead of the Yankees for the world. For the U.S. maybe not.


Texas Rangers. Come on guys.


All this dude has done is post random troll threads to make American's look bad, just ignore him. I honestly wouldn't doubt that it's a European person with how over the top the posts go to look like "your typical ignorant yank."


haha, if the amount of popularity is what makes a sport good or bad..

Honestly, stop being so paranoid.

Though you're probably right.


x2 - but would say:

1 - Manchester United
=2 - Liverpool/ AC Milan/ Real Madrid/ Barcelona

I'd also say the biggest US teams, outside the US would be:

1 - Yankees, Lakers & Tiger (if he could play the Ryder Cup solo, he'd qualify as a team by himself, lol)

Everyone one else is far, far behind.

Bulls (just cause of MJ's legacy, but sliding since his retirement, everyone knew MJ)

Gotta love the (White) Sox as well, definatley one of the most infamous.


Notre Dame.....sucks.


Probably the Toronto Maple Leafs or the Montreal Canadiens should be on there. There's enough hockey fans worldwide that everybody who'se heard of the sport knows about them.


Worldwide hockey fans = Canadians, Scandinavians, and Russians.


LOL u did say world didnt u?

1.Manchester united
2.NY yankees
4.NZ all blacks
5.real madrid
6.Australian cricket side
8.Brazillian soccer side

Id stop at 8.


Ever heard of Michael Jordan?...


Michael Phelps and Michael Phelps' bong.


Barca is probably above Real on a Global scale. Manure is up there as well and Liverpool because they were so succesful in the 80s. Probably the only two US sports teams that most people have heard of are the Cowboys and the Yankees, other than that most people would draw a blank.

If you said US Sports Team to a lot of people you would probably hear Harlem Globetrotters before any of the other teams you guys have listed.

Going deeper than 4 or 5 it is going to depend what country you are in and what sports the person you are talking to likes.

Go to Oz, South Africa or New Zealand and you will hear rugby teams that most of you Americans have never heard of.

Latin America you will hear baseball teams and Soccer teams.

India or Pakistan they will talk about Cricket teams.

Most of Africa it will be soccer teams.


Not a chance. The only person who will wear a Lakers shirt is someone into basketball. The Yankees have succesfully got their caps to be fashionable all over the world.