Top 10: Gym Etiquette Rules

Guys and Gals,

I want to have t-shirts printed for my friends and I with the a Gym Etiquette top 10. I need your help. If you’ve seen any of my posts, you may have detected a bit of my cynical, sarcastic, blunt, honest [@sshole] self. I choose to maintain that theme. Here are a few of my Top 10:

  1. Do NOT talk to me
  2. NO cell phones
  3. Wear deodorant
  4. Rack your weights
  5. 30 min > 20 min

Please chime in. Thanks,
Bastard F*ck Guy

No perfume/cologne

  1. Unless asked do not give adive to me on lifting

-wipe down the bench you sweaty oily bastard!

-no cuddling with your girlfriend (or whatever) for 5 minutes before you pick up a single weight OR between sets

-no asking for a spot and then making me do all the work

(sorry I’m a little bitter right now :slight_smile:


  1. Do not ask to work in on my leg day if you want to do bicep curls in the power rack

  2. No grunting or screaming unless it’s really your 1RM

  3. Enough with the narcissistic posing; if there’s really been a difference someone who cares will comment on it.

  4. You may lift more than me but are you lifting it with muscle or momentum ?

  5. Refer to number 1 if you have any further questions.

Hope this gave you some good ideas LOL

[quote]BFG wrote:
5) 30 min > 20 min

I’m sorry. I’m a little confused on Number 5. I’m reading this as, “30 minutes is greater than 20 minutes.” What does that mean?

Ask Dr. Math,

  1. Do not “spot” for me unless asked.
  2. Wall mirrors are not for hair and makeup.
  3. UnderArmor is NOT for every body
  4. Grunters do not make friends.
    10)Hanging leg raises require underwear.

Also, put it back where you got it, or I may put it where it should go.

-Newspapers/Magazines not welcome
-Grunts and screams are not for isolation exercises
-Yep! I’m staring.
-Don’t criticize when all your doing is isolation exercises.
-The pump you think you got…nobody else cares
-If you’re a teenager or still in high school or under 200#…SHUT UP and LIFT!

I feel the flames a comin…

  • Put some clothes on, before you ask me a training question in the locker room!!

Really happened to me, naked dude wanted to see how far down he should go on a squat!!! NO KIDDING!!!

The power rack is for powerlifting, not for stretching, ab curls, rubber band pulls, broomstick twisting, bicep curls, and cell phone yakking. If you do not comply, you will be eaten by a PLer looking to move up a weight class.

No fat chicks.

Can’t believe no one has said this already…

“No curling in the f*%$in squat rack!”

I don’t get number 5 either, bleh. I have a crappy home gym so etiquette is not an issue for me; it’s kind of depressing but a lot of the time I would just rather not deal with people. People piss me off.

Towel on squat rack = occupied.

[quote]yellowcap wrote:

  1. UnderArmor is NOT for every body


I think you need to repeat that one. I swear I see more skinny teenagers running around in this and extremely fat people than anyone in shape enough to get away with it. Yes, it works great for training in, especially if you play sports or are in the military…however, if your waist is over 50" OR people mistake your arms for those little stir sticks they use for coffee, let it go.

here’s one BFG:
Ladies: If over 150 you weigh, spandex aren’t OK.

Don’t know if this was mentioned: Don’t talk to me in the middle of my set.

And as for the underarmour. I’m a SFB (still fat bastard) and I wear the underarmour because I sweat like crazy and UA (the loosegear line of course) works the best for me. However, I don’t want to gross out any T-Vixens that may be at the gym so I wear a regular t-shirt over the UA.

  1. No cologne! No perfume!

  2. Put your shit away!

I was working out a couple of days ago and a guy came into the gym halfway through my session and whenever he came within about 15 feet of me I started to get a throbbing headache from his cologne.

The bench press is not for tricep kick backs

[quote]malonetd wrote:
BFG wrote:
5) 30 min > 20 min

I’m sorry. I’m a little confused on Number 5. I’m reading this as, “30 minutes is greater than 20 minutes.” What does that mean?

Ask Dr. Math,

Yes you read that correctly. I go to 24 hour fatness (a mega-corporate-chain-meatmarket-social-fitness-gym-complex) where there is a 20 minute time limit on cardio equipment. I have to prod people off of the equipment, as their math skills are lacking. I am the polite @sshole: “excuse me, but did you know that 25 minutes is more than 20 mintues?” i need my 10 minutes of intervals more than they need their 45 minutes of phone-engaged-100BPM “cardio.”