Top 10 chest/back and legs exercises of all time?

I’m building a new 8 week workout program.
I wish to do 2-3 exercises for chest, legs, and back on alternating days.
But I’d like to do hardcore exercises specific to each muscle group.

ie: bench press, squat, pull-up etc…

Guys know of any others?

My Top 10?

Incline DB Press
Weighted Dip
Flat DB press
Push Up
Barbell Row
Pull Up
Front Squat
Stiff Leg Deads.

Dude, check Joel’s current article. It’s ultra basic.

I’m sure you’ll a lot of help here, but be sure to also check the T-mag FAQ and archives. They’ve run many “Top Ten Exercises” articles on different muscle groups. The search engine might bring them up. I think King and Poliquin have written most of them.

Also see the T-mag series “Exercises You’ve Never Tried”. I think there are 7-8 of them in previous issues. Lots of good info there.


there it is

Two words…Bow Flex.

J/K. Whatever you do, make sure you do deadlifts.

Blow Flex, hahahahahahahahaha!

Add a conventional deadlift and some type of overhead press (like a push press or clean and press) to the list you started.

And read the FAQ’s. There are so many good exercises to choose from!

Glute/Ham Raises maybe? One of my favorites!

Yeah, I love glute ham raises too!
But I’ve been doing them close to a month an a half. So looking for new stuff to try.

One of my favs. is plate pinches. Take 2 plates face them together so the smooth side is out and pinch them with your finger. Hoyl finger strength batman!
I can do 4 sets of 5 .lb plates (10 .lbs each hand) for 45 seconds. And they kill!!